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Äike T is the

Pre-order your Äike T
for a fully refundable $69 deposit.

Pre-order   Tech specs

Why we love
the T-scooter

  • Thanks to the app, T is the smartest IoT-integrated scooter with ride optimisation, theft protection & so much more!
  • As green as possible. Designed, manufactured and assembled fully in Europe from recycled materials.
  • Genuinely the best. Äike T is made for real people & real roads. Weatherproof, durable, the smoothest ride and safe.

We’re only
doing 500

Shipping starts in Q2 2023 for US.
Final prices start at 999$.

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You know what? You look like you’d love the T-scooter too.

Theft protection

The GPS-protection allows you to leave the scooter outside when you’re in a restaurant or at the supermarket. Unauthorized movement of your Äike launches an immediate notification on your app, triggers the automatic brake lock and sounds an alarm.

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Tailored to you

We believe everyone should ride. Especially beautiful people like yourself. The new Äike is built to carry up to 150 kg, be comfortable in all footwear and handle all road conditions without anyone breaking a sweat.

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Tested durability

In other words, über strong and will keep you going even if you hit a curb every now and again. Äike’s high quality EU-based manufacturing and interchangeable parts makes everything super sturdy to begin with yet also effortless to repair.

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Totally weatherproof

Cause getting wet is a part of life. Plus kinda fun.
So yeah, the weather is no longer an excuse for you to call that taxi. The new Äike T will take you out and about from -17 to +35°C weather.

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Time to spill the T

The Team is Talented

The masterminds behind Äike are student formula champions and renowned micromobility engineers. They have electrified around half a million bikes and e-scooters around the world already. So, like… one could say we know what we’re doing.

The Earth says Thanks

E-scooters are one of the most energy efficient ways to move – easy to power, easy to park, easy to maintain. Not to mention emission-free & silent. But we go a step further – we produce our scooters on renewable energy and exclusively in Europe.

Travel is Transformed

Äike is integrated with IoT and GPS that is tied to our custom made app. This means your e-scooter is protected by our theft-protection, customizable to your riding preferences and built to make your entire experience as seemless and hassle-free as can be.

“Äike T is made to be folded up and taken absolutely anywhere. Like a lapdog. Or the feeling of forgetting to unplug your iron.”

– Kristjan, CEO & Papa of Äike #blessed #staywoke

See for yourself

“I’ve always thought happiness
starts with an H, but it turns
out it starts with a T”

– Socrates

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