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Äike Electric Scooter for Companies

E-Scooter Subscriptions For Your Employees From 59€/month

The most fun green transport benefit for YOUR team.
Offer your employees a EU-made e-scooter for their day-to-day commuting

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Subscribe your employees to long-term e-scooter rental

Äike is a European award-winning electric scooter brand, committed to building high quality commuter vehicles with a no-bullshit mentality. Our Äike subscription model makes owning & using clean transportation easy, affordable, and enjoyable.

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Set it up in only 15 minutes:

1. You, (the Employer!) sign up to Äike Employee Partner program & decide on the best benefit formula for your team.

2. The eligible employees receive a unique code they can insert when they choose the subscription package of their choice. 

3. Once the initial payment is received, the scooter is delivered to the employee’s address.

This could be a full subsidy or a partial % subsidy.
We offer a wide array of transport & payment solutions – we’ll definitely be able to find your match!

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