Frequently asked questions

I have lost my unique ID code and cannot pair the app to my scooter
No need to worry! If you have the passport of your Äike nearby, check the bottom-right corner of the first page. If you don't have the passport at hand, let us know and we'll help you out. But in this case make sure to know the details of your purchase so that we could identify that it's really you :)
I’m having trouble connecting Äike with the app
First of all - have you tried turning it off and turning on again? :) Okay, if that didn’t work, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and you have installed the latest version of the app. Furthermore, make sure your phone has no trouble connecting to the Internet or is experiencing any other connectivity issues. Still no progress? Contact our support team - we’re sure they’ll know what to do!
My batteries don't seem to charge (no lights turn on when the charger is connected to the batteries)
There's a sleeping beauty inside all of us, right? Well, Äike is no exception. If the scooter has been sleeping for a longer period of time (i.e a couple of months), the batteries need a bit more attention to rise and shine. Just keep the charger connected for a couple of more hours and that should make the batteries feel like new again. Make sure the charger is properly plugged into the wall and then proceed to plugging it into the batteries as a second step. If the problem is with the charger, there might be some dirt smeared on the battery’s contact area. In addition, it's always reasonable to double check that there are no electrical issues in your building before you start poking around too much! When you’ve made sure that the batterys charging surfaces are clean and dry, but still have no luck with charging, let us know and we will step in to fix the problem.
I've charged the batteries but when I put them into the scooter, the app says 'no battery'
Most probably, the batteries are not connected to the scooter. From time to time it's good to wipe the connectors on both the batteries and the scooter to avoid any dirt or dust getting in the way of the connection. If that doesn't solve the issue, let us know and we'll find the problem!
I haven’t ridden my Äike in a while and now it won’t start…
First of all - don’t worry. Sometimes if Äike hasn't gotten enough attention for a long period of time, it needs a little extra love to get itself going again. Make sure you have charged the batteries properly and ensure they are placed correctly beneath the standing deck. You can also try giving it a boost by taking a few running steps beside your scooter to get the engine running again before tugging on the gas lever.
The battery lid is not opening
There are 3 possible solutions to this problem. - Try relaunching the Äike app and make sure Bluetooth is turned on your phone. Your phone might just be a little stressed, so a quick reboot might be exactly what it needs to chill. - If you haven’t used the scooter in a while, try waking it up by pushing it beside you with a few running steps. (Occasionally, we all need a little extra push to get ourselves going.) - Something may be blocking the lid. Have a look and make sure there isn’t any debris stuck in the standing deck. Try pushing the “Open lid” button on the app and gently lifting the standing deck yourself. Then clear the area of anything that could be obstructing the springs. Still no go? Let us have a look. Contact customer service or bring it to our store and we’ll see what we can do.!
Commands from the app are taking a long time to go through
It’s probably because the app got stressed and zoned out for a second. Try rebooting the app and closing any excess tabs you might have open on your phone. Don’t forget to ensure your mobile data and Bluetooth are turned on.
What is the maximum speed of Äike? Is it possible to get it to ride faster than the legal limit?
According to European Union regulations, the maximum permitted speed for an electric scooter is 25 km/h, which is also the maximum speed of ÄIke. Yes, of course, having it go faster seems cool in theory, but ultimately - there is nothing more fun than safety right?
What is the realistic range of Äike and what does that depend on?
Using ECO-mode, we can whole-heartedly confirm the range being up to 40 km, with some unique recordings of it being even longer. The range is impacted by different factors: such as tire pressure, the weather, the size of the rider, the road surface, the incline, acceleration and braking patterns, etc. However, our testing has proved that even a larger adult (~2 meters tall, approx 100 kg) on a bumpy road and in non-ideal weather conditions can still easily hit around 30km of range.
Does Äike only come with one battery?
First generation Äike comes with two batteries! The scooter will only work if both batteries are inside the scooter itself during riding. Though not both have to be charged to ride the scooter, it is better for the batteries if they are charged together. Äike T has a single battery and is the first e-scooter in the world that can be charged with USB-C charger.
How long does it take to fully charge the batteries?
It takes around 2h per battery meaning around 4h in total. Consequently, charging the scooter from the external charging port also takes around 4h in total.
Can I share my Äike with other people even though the scooter only comes with one access code?
Yes absolutely - the more riders, the merrier! Any friend or family member you wish to share your scooter with simply needs to download the Äike app and use the same code as you did to log in. Don’t worry about anyone tricking you though! The primary owner of the scooter has the executive power to select who can ride the scooter at any given moment. To see, add or remove users who have access to your scooter simply push the menu button on the bottom of the app's main screen and choose "see all users".
What does ECO-mode do?
ECO-mode is created as a way to extend battery life by limiting the scooter's speed to 20 km/h. This works by reducing the engine power, which in turn slows down the acceleration. Generally speaking, ECO-mode will allow you to ride 15-20% longer compared to normal mode.
Can I leave my Äike safely outside?
According to our experience - yes. We personally have kept our scooters out for more than a year and nothing has happened. We have had some cases with clients where scooters have been tried to be stolen, but they are usually only carried around 100-200 meters away, as it is quite annoying to push if the wheels are blocked and the theft alarm is buzzing so loud you can hardly hear your own thoughts. Thieves also tend to realize that stealing Äike makes no sense as only authorized users with the app can turn it on. And also, even if it goes missing, you have insurance.
Does my Äike need to be regularly maintained?
As there are very few moving parts, there is not much to be maintained. We recommend considering taking your Äike in for a check-up around once a year. If an accident does happen, do not hesitate to contact us about repairs. We will gladly help you with finding the necessary replacement parts and hooking you up with one of our repair specialists. Pricing and terms are currently in the works, but feel free to call customer service if you have an urgent issue!
Can I repair Äike myself by buying spare parts?
Overall yes, but we are still working on perfecting our manuals and spare part purchasing system. Keep in mind that tampering with your scooter yourself may also negatively affect or null your warranty. If you are experiencing any problems, contact our customer service and we will help you out on an individual basis.
Anything to keep in mind during winter season?
Who doesn't love a proper winter with freezing temperatures and lots of snow, right? Well we certainly do and so does your Äike. But, as we all need proper winter gear, we've also created some winter guidelines for your scooter. The main things to keep in mind is that if the battery temperature goes under +4°C, a safety feature is automatically enabled and this means: 1) it is not possible to charge the batteries until they warm up and 2) the maximum speed of your scooter is limited to 20 km/h and maximum power to 70%. In order to charge the batteries and to take the most out of snowy streets, give the scooter a chance to warm up inside.
How to store Äike during winter season?
Don’t feel like using your Äike during cold winter months? Here’s a guide on how to properly store your scooter during the cold season. Storing your Äike Before storing your Äike we recommend you to wash off any mud, dirt and salt. While Äike is built with as many aluminium and rust-resistant parts as possible, some parts are still sensitive to salt on the muddy streets. Give it a wipe-down with some water and soap and it’s ready to be stored. It is recommended to store your Äike at a temperature of +5 C to +25 C. Storing the batteries Just like your Äike, the batteries should be kept in a dry environment at a temperature of +5 C to +25 C. Here are two options for storing the batteries: First one might seem a bit trickier, but is recommended, as it increases the battery lifespan. You can keep the batteries out of the scooter. Before that, make sure that your batteries’ firmware is up to date and fully charged. For that we have created a new system to further protect batteries over off-season periods. Update your app and then go to “Change or add scooter”, tap on your scooter and make sure that your firmware is up to date. In case your batteries didn’t get the latest firmware update, do not worry. Keep the batteries in the scooter and your scooter in a place with a good cellular connection and it will update automatically overnight. Keep in mind that Äike IoT lasts for about 3 weeks on its own (without batteries), after which GPS-protection and communication with the server disappears. To protect your Äike against theft, we recommend placing the batteries in it for a few hours every 2 weeks, so the IoT battery can be fully charged. Second option is more hassle free. You can fully charge the batteries and keep them inside the scooter. Keep in mind that if the scooter is fully charged and the batteries are left in, the theft protection will be maintained for at least 2 months and then the scooter should be charged again. In both cases it is recommended to charge the batteries every 3 months.
What happens if I'm not using my scooter for a couple of months?
Whether you don't feel like using your Äike during cold winter months or just decided to give it a little break, check our tips on storing your scooter in the "How to store Äike during winter season?" section. Don't get confused by "winter season" the same rules apply for any other season. In case your Äike was without charge for a while and you want to start using it, here's what you should do. Take batteries out (if they were in) and charge as usual. Note: it might take a bit longer for batteries to charge. If you cannot open the lid and your scooter doesn't respond to commands, it means that Äike IoT has lost its charge. It lasts for about 3 weeks on its own (without batteries or charge). In this case charge your Äike via external charging port.
I pre-ordered my Äike. What’s going to happen next?
We still have a few pre-sales left so we are going to wait a bit to get the first 500 confirmed and finalised. Then we will start sending you customisation options for your scooter. The colour, the special features - all up to you to choose.
Can I buy an Äike from a physical store?
At the moment it is only possible to order your Äike online at
Is it possible to purchase a gift card or a personal discount code that I could give my friend as a gift?
Yes, definitely! Contact us at to let us know what would you like to do and we'll figure somthing out!
How does the theft insurance work? What happens after one year?
Each Äike e-scooter purchase comes with a 1-year theft insurance plan that kicks in as soon as the delivery is confirmed. Currently, it is only valid in the European Union. If your e-scooter goes missing, you can report it in the app or by contacting our customer support. Try to provide us with as much information you have about the disappearance (the timeframe of the theft, the last known location etc.) We also urge you to alert your local police department as they may be able to help you retrieve the scooter or use your situation as data acquisition to help with similar thefts in the future. After reporting the theft, you will have to wait for 7 working days for us to process this information. If the scooter is still missing after 7 days and we have not been able to discover any instances of fraud or corruption, we will send you an email with a link for you to pay a 100€ service fee. Assuming this process goes smoothly, we will send you a new Äike within 14 days of receiving the payment. All of the information about delivery and/or pickup information will be included in the confirmation emails. As a bit of a teaser - we are also developing an insurance offer that will be valid after the year of complimentary theft insurance is included. So far, we can promise that it will cost you less that 10€/month and will be valid everywhere in the European Union. We hope to have this prepared in the near future and will certainly communicate the final terms and conditions of this offer upon confirmation. More information on theft insurance is available in the Theft Insurance FAQ tab.
My Äike has been stolen
Some people really are jerks, aren’t they? Before you do anything else, we kindly ask you to verify that your scooter has indeed been stolen and not simply misplaced. Use the location service on the Äike app to verify its disappearance. If it is indeed stolen please do the following: Contact our customer service or fill in the theft form on our app and inform us of the theft. Have your scooter ID activation code handy and try to remember as many details as possible about the last time you saw the scooter. Our customer service representatives will ask you for any additional information they need and proceed to go on a mission to search for your scooter. In order to confirm the theft, you will also need to contact the local police authorities and declare the theft. Have proof of payment of your Äike and as many details about the disappearance available as possible. Definitely don’t forget to mention that the scooter has a tracking device in it. The authorities can use this information to go searching directly at the source. If you haven’t been able to recover your scooter within a week, let us know, provide us with a declaration of theft and we will send you a link to pay the service fee of 100€. Assuming no instances of fraud have been discovered, a new scooter will be sent to you within 7 business days. All information about delivery and processing will be communicated to you via email.
Äike Theft Insurance (aka replacement service) Terms & Conditions
The Äike Theft Insurance (also known as the Äike Replacement service) extends to all buyers of an ÄIKE e-scooter within the term of 1 year as of delivery of the e-scooter to the buyer. In case the buyer has transferred the ownership of the Äike e-scooter within the 1-year term, the entitlement to replacement service will transfer to the new owner of the e-scooter on the condition that he/she has notified us about the change of ownership by email to and provided us with their contact information: name, phone number, email address. The replacement service and/or other services for more than 1-year old e-scooters are available as published at The replacement service applies in case your Äike e-scooter has been stolen, that is you have been wrongfully robbed of the possession of your e-scooter, within European Union territory. In case your e-scooter was stolen and you want to apply for a new Äike e-scooter you need to do the following: At once, but not later than within 72 hours, you have to notify us about the theft of your Äike e-scooter by sending a notice to either via email or the app. Upon receipt of your notice, we are entitled to ask further details and questions to which you are obligated to reply promptly, as well as fully cooperate with us to establish all the circumstances of the theft incident. You need to pay Comodule OÜ service fee of 100 EUR via the payment link we will send you; You need to file a statement about the theft of the Äike e-scooter to the local police and forward us a copy of confirmation about filing the statement, e.g photo of the statement, etc. If you have duly taken all the steps here in clause 4 and on the condition that your e-scooter has not been recovered within the following 7 calendar days, Comodule OÜ will make a decision to give you a new Äike e-scooter. A new e-scooter will be dispatched to you within 14 calendar days as a decision to replace your e-scooter. Delivery costs will be borne by Comodule OÜ. Upon receipt of your notice about the theft, Comodule OÜ has the right to disable the stolen e-scooter on its systems, making the e-scooter unusable. By successfully applying for the replacement service and accepting our decision to replace your stolen e-scooter, you will transfer the title, ownership, and indirect possession to the stolen e-scooter to Comodule OÜ and we will take over all activity and cooperation with the police in order to recover the stolen e-scooter. I notified of the theft of the Äike e-scooter but it has since been recovered. In case your e-scooter is recovered within 7 calendar days as of taking all the steps, the replacement service will not apply. The paid service fee will be fully refunded within 3 business days. In case your e-scooter is recovered after 7 calendar days as of taking all the steps in, you will keep your new Äike e-scooter and the recovered e-scooter will belong to Comodule OÜ.
Where can I find the terms of warranty?
The terms of warranty can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.
Can I test an Äike out before I buy it?
We were hoping you’d ask! We are planning to start with the test rides of Äike T already this autumn. Keep an eye on our socials for more information. Want us to come to your city? Write to us and let us know! We are actively growing our ambassador program so all help and insight are very much appreciated.
Can I buy an Äike T right after a test ride?
At the moment Äike T scooters are available for pre-order only. Book your T on our website.