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Äike’s most durable fleet scooter yet – the Äike 11

We made good even better. This EU-made scooter will elevate fleets of all sizes.
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  • Weatherproof

    All Year Round

  • EU-based

    Shipping & Spare Parts

  • Modular

    Design for Easy Repair

  • GPS-Protected

    By Comodule IoT

We know what we’re doing!

Äike has powered over 3 million kilometres of successful fleet rides around the globe.

An Even Stronger Frame

Äike 11’s new steel frame and H-shaped fork provides even more durability and stability to the rider. Äike 11 ensures even the bumpiest paths and sketchiest of streets won’t stop your rider from rolling.



New! A Display & Phone Holder

The Äike 11 comes with an optional display with speed & battery settings. Plus, Äike still keeps their riders of all shapes and sizes comfortable with both feet planted side-to-side firmly onto the large standing deck.



11″ Large Wheels

Why is Äike 11 called 11? An homage to our 11″ tires is a fair guess. Ride freely in rain, snow or hail and on both bike paths and bumpy roads. The large pneumatic & puncture-proof tires ensure safety on any surface and in any weather conditions.

No Slip


Compliant with all EU‑regulations

From licence plates to breaks – Äike 11 is fully complaint. Our double breaking system – front mechanical & rear electrical – are to thank for providing the smoothest, safest and shortest braking distance on the market. Scooter also features: Licence-plate holder. Turning lights front and back



Built for Europe – all road & weather conditions
  • Operational on all road surfaces – asphalt, gravel, greenery
  • Can climb steep hills and cross bumpy patches without a hassle
  • Tried and tested in all weather conditions – from the Mediterranean heat to the Nordic winters
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Truly profitable & high
  • Swappable battery for continuous time on the streets
  • Modularly built for easy repair and quick maintenance
  • 5 years of effective lifetime and frame warranty
  • Fast Europe-based spare parts supply
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Durable, Sustainable &
  • Made from 42% recycled materials
  • 92% recyclable after the scooter’s lifespan
  • Assembly based in Talllinn, Estonia
  • Manufacturing runs on exclusively renewable energy
Charging stations, swap bikes & more – the whole package
  • Charging cabinets charge up to 50 batteries at a time
  • VOK electric cargo bikes for energy-efficient battery swapping on
  • streets and unaccessible areas
  • Built-in IoT connectivity enables over-the-air updates

Case studies

  • Fleet size: 1500+ Äike e-scooters
  • Active since: Spring 2020

Key takeaway: “From the customer feedback we have gathered, 90% of the users prefer Tuul scooters to Bolt scooters. So much so that, often they take an alternative scooter to ride to the nearest Tuul.”

– Jaan Kekišev, CEO of Tuul

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  • Fleet size: 200+ Äike e-scooters
  • Active since: Summer 2021

“The co-scooter’s low centre of gravity and wide foot stand provides an excellent riding experience for our users. It also helps that it is strong uphill and features a modular design boosting its lifetime,”

Mats André Breesth, CEO and Founder of SURF.

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Tech specs

We recommend you make sure your country’s legislation is compliant with Äike’s specs.


Range up to

60 km

Maximum speed

25 km/h*
* Subject to local regulations

Nominal motor power


Battery capacity




1200 mm


500 mm

Standing deck width

200 mm


30 kg


1175 mm

Standing deck height

152 mm

Ground clearance

72 mm

Max load




Swappable, charging time 3 hours


Built-in by Comodule


Mechanical drum brake & regenerative electrical brake


Speed and battery state of charge indicator

Water resistance (Ingress Protection)

IP66 vehicle, IP67 electronics

Charging port

Optional add-on

Compatible with these software options

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Rivo Riistop

– Sales Manager for Shared Mobility Solutions

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