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The most comfortable e-scooter for city life

Äike T – Smooth, lightweight and full of innovation
Made in Europe, ready for world domination.

  • The Best Ride
    Fast & Smooth acceleration

  • Flexible Usage
    Transport & Charge it anywhere

  • 100% Weatherproof
    Reliable Design


The only e-scooter you can charge with a laptop charger

The Äike T is the first light electric vehicle that can be charged with a regular USB-C laptop charger. And it doesn’t stop there – you can use the scooter to charge your other devices too like a power bank.

The Äike App personalises your experience

  • 24/7 GPS protection & anti-theft measures
  • Customise your speed, battery usage & riding settings
  • Enjoy world-class features like keyless Smart-Lock
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German Design Awards 2023

Gold for Excellent Product Design of Bicycles and E-Bikes

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Tech specs

We recommend you make sure your country’s legislation is compliant with Äike’s specs.


Range up to

40 km

Maximum speed

25 km/h*
* Subject to local regulations

Maximum motor power

* Subject to local regulations

Nominal motor power


Battery capacity


Charging port




1185 mm


510 mm

Standing deck width

200 mm


19 kg
* plus 3.8kg removable battery


1164 mm

Height (folded)

525 mm

Standing deck height

152 mm

Ground clearance

72 mm



Double kickstand in the front

Wheels & tires

10 inch, tubeless pneumatic tires


Mechanical drum brake & regenerative electrical brake


Speed and battery state of charge indicator

Water resistance (Ingress Protection)

Weatherproof IPx5

Charging port

Outer USB-C port with 5V output capability

Running cost

€0.22/per 100km*
*Based on a fixed electricity price of €0.15/per kWhs

Ride smarter: a sleek display for speed control

The minimalistic display helps you keep track of speed and battery monitoring, as well as doubles as a dock to comfortably place your mobile phone to easily use the Äike app & a maps while riding.

A removable battery for quick & clean charging

Store your Äike T in an attic, your garden, the street while comfortably charging the battery indoors. The scooter will be GPS protected even when the main battery is being charged separately.

Cruise comfortably with our wide & sturdy standing deck

The strong and reliable standing deck will keep you going even if you hit a curb every now and again. Perfect for all weather conditions and shoe preferences.

Ride safely and smoothly in any weather

As a scooter that has been developed in a wet and icy climate – the brakes & acceleration are designed to work perfectly in all conditions – even in puddles, on ice and under water.

Even if you don’t want to buy it.
We want you to own it.

Äike Subscription now available in Europe. Pay monthly, ride daily.
All maintenance and repair fees are on us. Cancel anytime.

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