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Äike T – Media Kit

Äike T is the first fully-connected, rider-friendly and safest e-scooter on the market. Designed and manufactured exclusively in Europe. Owned 100% by Estonians. 

Äike visual branding

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Key Highlights

  • USB-C Charging –  First in the world
  • Smart-Lock –  First in the world
  • In-house European design & manufacturing
  • GPS & IoT integrated via the Äike App
  • Fully weather-proof (from -17 to +35 degrees)
  • Almost 1 million light electric vehicles connected to the Internet by Äike engineers

Key messages

  • Genuinely the most rider-friendly e-scooter in the world
  • The safest e-scooter in the world
  • The smartest & most connected e-scooter in the world
  • The most durable & weatherproof e-scooter in the world
  • Available for purchase in Europe & as a subscription in 20+ European countries


The founders of Äike first got together in a Student Formula event in 2011, where, as a team, they engineered and developed electric race cars. In 2014 they understood that building cars is still a huge part of environmental pollution and decided to focus on micro-mobility by founding Comodule, a world leading company which connects electric vehicles to the internet. When the e-scooter industry started booming in 2019, the engineers realized that the way how these scooters were built was still horrible for the environment, despite the seemingly carbon-neutral way of riding. Thus, the Äike team put their heads together and developed their own prototype e-scooter, breaking the myths of unsafe riding experiences and producing the vehicle using renewable energy and recyclable materials.

These scooters were tested in heavy daily usage. After gathering valuable feedback from the customers the engineers developed it further and now Äike is tested to be one of the most convenient and safest scooter on the market.

Now, Äike has grown its team globally. The scooter itself is still being developed and produced in its own production house in Tallinn, Estonia.

Leadership bio:

Kristjan Maruste–Founder, Head of Product

Kristjan Maruste is a tech-entrepreneur (honored to be selected for Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe), a father of 3 rockstars, a husband, and the CEO t at Äike.
Prior to starting his own company, he was the faculty advisor and project manager of an engineering and product development project called Formula Student.

Maruste led the development and construction of 6 Formula Student race car prototypes, including a full-electric solution.  His team proved to be one of the best young automotive engineers in the world by ranking TOP5 amongst 500 teams globally.

He has also founded Comodule, a company that manufactures and develops IoT solutions for electric bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle manufacturers or shared fleet operators. Comodule has connected over 500 000 e-scooters and has helped to launch fleets in over 60 cities worldwide.



Äike T Feature Videos

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