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Why Äike builds

Äike is not just “another” e-scooter company.  We’re here to show other e-scooter companies how things should be done. Did you know that Äike is the only e-scooter manufacturer that makes its vehicles outside of China? Well, that’s only the start…

Äike builds the world’s smartest e-scooters with fearless honesty, tech innovations and a no-bullshit mentality. Welcome to our story.
This is Maruste. Kristjan Maruste. He’s to blame for all this.

The CEO & Spirtual leader of Äike. A mechatronics engineer by trade, and has been in the space of micromobility and e-scooters since 2014 – waaaaaay before almost anyone else. When the sharing e-scooters boom arrived in 2018, he and his crew were behind most of the fleets’ connectivity. But he saw how most scooters are cheaply mass-produced & built like trash…

Äike is the only e-scooter made in Europe (aka outside of China)

The Äike team and all of Äike’s production is based in Europe – Tallinn, Estonia to be more specific. Äike is vertically integrated which means that we do absolutely everything in-house – engineering, software, battery assembly and frame building. We are in control. We use local recycled materials, local talent and high-quality tools for our entire production.

But to fully understand why we are the way we are, we need to take a
step back and go through a short-short history lesson. Bear with us.
The heart of Äike has always been in world-class engineering

Everything started in 2014 when a group of young Estonian engineers were taking over the European student Formula scene by building top-level electric racing cars. In fact, they were in one of the best teams in the entire world.

The passion to create, ideate and build agile vehicles was astronomical, but it was soon understood that riding around in circles was kinda… useless.

“Dinosaurs” of the industry – connecting light electric vehicles since 2014

This led them to create their own electric vehicle connectivity company Comodule – as of now the nr.1 IoT and connectivity provider for almost 1 million light electric vehicles around the world.

However, this shed light on a deeper issue – the quality of global e-scooter production was appalling and the potential environmental benefits hamstrung by no consideration on durability and sustainability. E-scooters were framed as a menace in the eyes of the media, and completely disregarded for the amazing inclusive urban vehicles they have the potential to be.

New mission: The most connected & sustainably durable e-scooter possible

So Kristjan decided he had a new mission on the horizon: to build an ergonomically superior e-scooter, perfectly suited for the average city commuter.  The main pillars to success being high quality production, a local supply chain, a durable & user-friendly build and sustainable manufacturing.

In 2020 they started producing e-scooters in-house and after instant success in testing, the next step was obvious.

So in 2021,  Äike was launched with one goal: World Domination

The Äike team set out to create the absolute ideal electric scooter for the urban commuter. The team conducted customer interviews and completed several product development workshops. They enlisted the help of German-based, Italian-rooted industrial design agency Zanzotti and thus, a new generation of Äike was ready to be unleashed.

And now: Äike T – a game changer for the urban commuter.

As Äike’s roots are in vehicle connectivity, we stay loyal to our mission of empowering emissionless transport by bringing more high quality electric vehicles to the people.

We have just launched Äike T which is ready for world domination as the most user-friendly e-scooter for urban commute with a removable battery, USB-C charging, automatic unlocking, open API and many more innovations to come.

What’s next? Becoming the #1 light electric vehicle company in the world.

Without compromising our stance on durability, local & sustainable production and overall bad-assery of course.

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