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Changing the way we ride

Performer performing front wheelie with white Äike scooter

Who we are and what we believe in

Äike is created by a team of heroes based in the North of Europe – in a small country called Estonia. Our team strives towards offering immersive ride experiences, reducing our carbon footprint, and decreasing commuting times worldwide.

We believe in staying committed to constantly improving and doing things better.

We offer an alternative to cars

It’s quite universally known that the way the world currently upholding its’ transport habits – is completely unsustainable. We are here to help you make a change.

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What sparked the idea of creating our very own electric scooters?

The inspiration for developing our own scooter was sparked by years of industry experience of our engineers and manufacturers. We came to realize that many of the e-scooters that were taking the world by storm were in fact horrible for the environment and utterly greenwashed, despite the seemingly carbon-neutral riding experience.

You know the saying “if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”?

Well, that’s exactly what we did.

Engineer working on lifted standing deck of Äike scooter

After the development of our own prototype e-scooter, it was important to ensure that we were truly following up on our promises. Thus we tested the hardware on a shared fleet of e-scooters in Tallinn, Estonia. Upon further development, around 30 of these final scooters were sold to top dogs and micromobility enthusiasts to be tested in heavy daily urban lifestyle usage. After gathering valuable feedback, the direct sales were closed to have the company’s energy focused on developing an even better e-scooter by fixing and improving on all various engineering aspects, sourcing for more eco-friendly pillars and creating the urban mobility revolution inciting a brand we know today as Äike.

We have spent a lot of time and effort sourcing recycled and local materials.

More about sustainability
Front wheel detail of two Äike scooters with lid open
Engineer hands working on Äike scooter frame

We ensure fun, ethical, and sustainable work conditions for absolutely everyone in our assembly line.

Our international group of engineers and factory workers has high-class industry knowledge of how to best create the most user-friendly and durable products. Did you know that our heroes have helped connect more than 350 000 light electric vehicles to the Internet?

Äike’s vision starts with our promise to create the world’s most durable & rider-friendly e-scooter without abusing the planet’s resources in the process – something we can proudly say we have already achieved but will keep improving!

Join the revolution!

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Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.
Take a ride on the green side.


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