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Electric Scooter Vs. Electric Bike: Which Choice Is Smarter?

In recent times, there have been plenty of debates as to which is better between electric scooter vs electric bike. In this present dispensation, as micromobility has become the new cool, people are on the lookout for alternative means of moving around that doesn’t involve spending money on combustible fuel and getting stuck in traffic. This and many other benefits are the primary reason behind the popularity of e-scooters and e-bikes.

The need for micromobility is commonplace among people living in urban areas. People have realized how incredibly easy and affordable it is to get to work using these electric vehicles. However, deciding between an electric scooter vs. an e-bike is a tough call to make.

Both e-scooter and e-bike tend to serve the same need of providing easy transportation without the emission of greenhouse gases. They both also provide an impressive level of comfort and speed, but compared to choosing between a non-electric bike and scooter, there are other critical factors that people consider when deciding between e-bikes and e-scooters.

Criteria on How to Choose Between an Electric Bike vs An Electric Scooter

According to individual needs, different people consider different things when deciding to buy an electric scooter or an electric bike. However, on a general scale, the criteria can be narrowed down into the following factors:

Battery Efficiency

Both of these electric vehicles come with a compact rechargeable battery. Ideally, these rides aren’t supposed to function efficiently without a fully charged battery. In fact, electric scooters are almost useless when their battery becomes drained, but that’s not the case with e-bikes.

When riding your scooter, you need to ensure that you have enough battery to last you for the trip and back home. E-bike owners don’t have to worry about that because when your battery goes off, you can start riding it like a regular analogue bike. 


Maneuverability is one of the most important reasons why people adopt these alternative transportation means. You want to weave through heavy traffic and tiny spaces seamlessly without getting stuck, hence the need for micromobility.

Scooters are typically smaller and sleeker. They can easily maneuver in between cars and other small spaces that could slow bikes down.

Speed and Range

Speed and range are other essential factors that should determine the smart choice between e-bikes vs. e-scooters. Generally, electric bicycles have a higher speed and range, hence, most of them are designed to outperform scooters. They can go as fast as 48 km/h, or even beyond. The highest performing e-scooters like the Äike T can ride at a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

In truth, the need for speed is not the reason why people buy these micromobility vehicles. They just require a ride to take them around the city without getting stuck in traffic. So, even though electric bicycles are faster, buying an e-scooter is a wiser choice.

Being able to speed excessively with your micromobility vehicle could cause you to throw caution to the wind and put yourself at risk of an accident. To avoid this, it is best to choose the slower option, which is the electric scooter that was designed to ensure your safety.


Micromobility vehicles are not like cars that you can park at the shopping lot and get along with your day. They’re smaller and require you to keep a regular eye on them. This is why portability is an essential factor when considering deciding between e-bike vs. e-scooter.

Scooters have a foldable frame through which you can compress them into a smaller unit. This way, you can just throw them into your car trunk or keep them in one corner of the office or class until the next time you’re ready to use them.

E-bikes, on the other hand, are not foldable, and take up a lot of space. Hence, they’re not as portable. They’re also much heavier than e-scooters.


The highest demography of people using micromobility vehicles are young people. Many of them cannot afford a car and need a cheaper means of transportation. Hence, they resort to bikes and scooters. When it comes to prices, there are big difference between the two options:

  • With less than $1,200, you can already buy a smart and high-end e-scooter like the Äike T.
  • Smaller and lower end alternatives can already be purchased for $700 or less.
  • In comparison, you require at least $2,000 (and up to $30,000) to buy a solid electric bike.
E-scooter vs E-bikes: The Fun Factor

When it comes to fun, e-scooters take the lead. Some e-scooters are specially designed for stunts and tricks. Just like skateboards, many people use their stunt scooters to have fun outdoors.

Electric bikes are not designed for this purpose, so you may not be able to have that much fun while riding them.

Security and Theft-protection

No one wants to lose their ride, so security is another important factor to consider before deciding on which micromobility vehicle you’d like to purchase. Due to their portability, e-scooters will always be more secure than electric bicycles. This is because while an e-bicycle is parked at a spot, you can fold and carry an e-scooter along and keep beside you throughout the day.

The Äike T for example features a 24/7 GPS protection. This feature sends an immediate notification to your phone whenever it detects an unauthorized movement around your ride. It also triggers the automatic brakes and locks, thereby making it impossible for the burglar to steal your ride.

Electric Scooter vs. Electric Bike: Who Wins?

Electric bicycles have their strong points, such as speed and range. However, when you consider other pertinent factors such as manoeuvrability, price, portability, security and theft protection, electric scooters are the wisest choice.

They’re affordable, easy to maintain, and with good maintenance, they can serve you for years. The absence of chains and gears also makes them less cumbersome than electric bicycles. To crown it all up, they’re just cool and could be used as a symbol of stylishness among young people.

High-end Scooter for Your Everyday Needs

Äike scooters are built with the highest quality materials and reinforced to ensure durability and safety. They have the highest level of theft protection and IoT integrated ride optimization to ensure that you ride within safe limits.

After you have considered all the differences between electric scooters vs. electric bikes, and chosen to get the former, it is important to buy a brand that meets your every need. That brand is Äike! Check out our website now, and pre-order the Äike T to enjoy the best riding experience.