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  • 5-year battery & 10-year frame warranty
  • 1-year theft insurance included

Black Thunder

Red Riding Hood

Blue Breeze

Grey Area

White Knight

Äike is the pioneer of quality e-scooters. Setting new standards for user experience with a customised end-user App and the longest battery and frame warranty on the market.

Äike scooter Black Thunder diagonal view
Äike scooter family diagonal view in forest

Virtually un-stealable.

We are absolutely confident in our anti-theft system. So much so, that we have no problem offering you a complimentary 1-year theft insurance programme upon purchase.

Äike scooter Black Thunder right side view
App-only unlocking
Auto lock
Anti-theft alarm
Be in control
It is absolutely impossible to turn your Äike on and ride without turning it on through your personal account on our app.
Auto lock (Coming soon!)
We all forget things sometimes, but our auto-lock feature will ensure your Äike stays right where it is, even when you're busy.
Ring the alarm
Don't worry, we will notify you if someone is dumb enough to try abducting your Äike. In fact, we'll notify the whole street with our built-in alarm system.
The GPS has eyes
With our connected app and custom GPS tracking system, you'll always know where your scooter is.

The best ride of your life. We promise.

Stable wheels, stable life

Äike scooter Black Thunder wheels detail view
Super durable frame
Äike scooter Black Thunder handlebar detail view

Roll smoothly on air

Our pneumatic tires are  shock-absorbing and ensure that even the bumpiest of roads make you feel like you’re gliding on air.

The most stable scooter

Designed by the best ex-racecar engineers to make your riding experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

Wide standing deck

Äike scooter Black Thunder top standing board view
Removable batteries
Äike scooter Black Thunder open lid no batteries view

A connected experience like never before

Äike is not just an e-scooter — it’s an experience.
With our customised app, you can keep a constant eye on your Äike’s location, stats and usage, as well as connect with other e-scooter fans.

Äike scooter Black Thunder app home screen detail

Lock & unlock

Your scooter can only be used if you unlock it from your own personal app.


Never worry about where you've parked your scooter. It's always located on your app.

Share the love

Feel free to spread the joy of Äike by letting your friends borrow your scooter. No worries though - you as the owner will still always be in charge.


Much like we strive to save the planet, we also strive to save your battery life. Use eco-mode to get the maximum out of your scooter's batteries.

Äike is the only e-scooter on the market that is entirely developed and manufactured in Europe exclusively using renewable energy.

Poser with Äike scooters Grey Area and White Knight by a lake

In fact, we are currently actively on route to striving towards being 100% green. As of now, ÄIKE is made from 42% recycled materials – which is the best in the world so far – but we can and will strive to do better.

More about sustainability
from recycled materials
Man and woman riding Äike scooters through water



Range up to

40 km

Maximum speed

25 km/h


10+ years

Charge time

4 hours


Built from

42% recycled materials

End of life

92% recyclable


100% certified green energy



1220 mm


500 mm


1175 mm


27.5 kg

Safety & security

Wheels & tires

10 inch, puncture resistant pneumatic tires

Theft and vandalism detection and reporting

GPS protection


Electrical ABS


Integrated bell


Motor power


Battery capacity





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