An electric scooter
built for the streets

and your real world commuting habits

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  • 1 year

    Theft insurance

  • 14-day

    Return policy

  • 5 year

    Battery warranty

  • 10-year

    Scooter warranty

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There are 24h in a day –
why waste any of it in traffic?

Äike is the ideal companion for short inner-city daily commutes where traffic jams, parking fees and pollution can be replaced with a clean, speedy and efficient alternative.

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Why Äike?

The ideal transportation for: commuting to the office, running errands, meeting friends, enjoying the fresh air.

Save Time

Save Money

Save the Planet

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Virtually un-stealable

Äike is equipped with several anti-theft systems. But for peace of mind, you will receive a 1-year theft insurance offer upon purchase.

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Make the ride yours

The Äike mobile app lets you personalize your riding experience with customisable speed, storage, parking and anti-theft settings.

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No stress

Eliminate commuting stress from your life by never having to sit in a crowded bus or traffic jam ever again.

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Environmentally aware

Developed and manufactured in Europe. We keep our supply chain transparent and local with the mission of striving to do better any way we can.

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For absolutely everyone

Äike’s ergonomic design ensures safety & fun riding even in the toughest of weather conditions all around the world. Check out our fans!

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We’ve got your back

Our dedicated team of engineers and customer service agents are available whenever you need via our app, social media or email.

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