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Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers

Buying Guide & Recommendation

Teenage years are a fun time for both kids and parents. For the children, there’s the excitement of getting some form of freedom to go out more often, have fun, attend parties and not be restricted to early bedtimes. For parents, there’s the joy of watching your little one grow up to be able to do some of the things that you used to do for them when they were younger. At this age, you don’t even have to drive them everywhere. You can just buy them some of the best electric scooters for teenagers. With these, they can cruise around without bothering you to drop them off.

Electric scooters are one of the most fun items you can get for your teenagers. Apart from being an inexpensive way of having fun, the best electric scooters for teenagers help your children to stay active and healthy, while also increasing their mental alertness and balance. Just like every other thing, the kind of scooter you should buy for your teenager depends on their age.

Things to Consider When Buying
Electric Scooters for Teens

When buying electric scooters for your children, you must bear in mind that they’re not adults. They’re still too young and inexperienced to handle the kind of speed and complexities that adults can handle. So when buying a scooter for your teen, you must first test it and ask yourself “can my child handle this?” Before you answer this question, here are some factors you need to consider.

1. Speed and Range

Let’s start with range. Range is the amount of distance you can travel with your e-scooter before you need to charge it. Now, we’re gonna be honest – this a subject that a lot of companies will try to trick you with. The maximum range for a tall adult  going up and down hills and a young small teenager driving on an ideally flat path, are not going to be the same. When buying for a teenager, this mean you’ll get more bang for your buck as they are likely to benefit from a longer range. Think about the distance you’ll scoot per day and then figure out how often you’ll have time to charge it. The tradeoff tends to be, the lighter the vehicle – the shorter the range.

When it comes to speed, you’ve probably noticed some e-scooters in cities whooshing by faster than rocketships. These are actually completely illegal as by now most countries in the world have set speed limits for e-scooters in urban areas. Not only will the excess speed probably result in a fine from the police, it is also extraordinarily dangerous as the people around you may not be able to cope or react with your speed.

Examples of countries…

Most cities in Sweden, Germany, France

Most of the EU, the USA, and the UK


And their speed limits

20 km/h

25 km/h

32 km/h

2. Size and Weight

At early teenage years, your child’s hands are still considerably smaller than an adult’s hand. So, when buying electric scooters for teens, you should ensure that the handlebar is smaller than their wrist. This way, your teenager should be able to grip the scooter easily and have total control of it.

Weight also matters, so ensure that you buy your child a scooter that isn’t too heavy for them to control or even carry about. The Äike T, for instance, is a lightweight scooter of about 19 kg. Your teenager can comfortably navigate and even carry it around without feeling overwhelmed. 

3. Balance

When buying electric scooters for teens, you need to also prioritize balance. The deck of the e-scooter should be wide enough for their feet to fit in and still have some space for any slight shifts. The deck must also have some friction to prevent your child from slipping. 

You should also consider the tires. If the tires are too big, the scooter may be too heavy for your kid to drive or carry about. If they’re too small, they may not have enough balance. So, you must use your discretion to decide. 

4. Water Resistance

Sometimes, teenagers could be carefree, especially when having fun. So, don’t be surprised that your teenager may expose their electric scooter to water splashes. So, when buying a scooter for teens, ensure that you buy a waterproof or water-resistant e-scooter.

Why Buy an Electric Scooter for Teenagers?

There are many reasons why you should buy an e-scooter for your teenager. They include:

It Helps Your Child to Learn How to Use the Road

Buying your kids an e-scooter could be a good way to teach them the rules of the road. Apart from learning driving skills, your kids will also learn to obey traffic rules and stay safe on the road. This knowledge will be useful when they become adults. 

It’s a Fun Outdoor Activity 

If kids had their way, many would spend all day surfing on their phone or playing video games. This sedentary lifestyle could make your kids unhealthy. Buying an e-scooter for your teenager will improve their social and communicative skills by giving them reasons to go outdoors to play with their friends. 

It Improves Their Confidence

Kids feel good when you allow them to handle things by themselves. When you buy them an e-scooter and allow them to ride around with it, they’ll feel more confident in themselves. This feeling is good for their growth and self-esteem.

What is the Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers?

Äike scooters are the best electric scooters for teenagers. This is because Äike scooters prioritize safety and performance. Built with long-lasting batteries and convenient charging ports, Äike scooters are designed in a way that won’t keep your child stranded due to low battery.

Äike T

Äike T is a high-tech, eco-friendly e-scooter that is ideal for your children. Cruising at a max speed of 25 km/hr covering a 40 km range at full charge, the Äike T has an integrated IoT that allows for ride optimization. This means that you can pre-set the maximum speed, automatic braking and other features that’ll increase your child’s safety. 

With the Äike T, you can rest assured that you’ve bought one of the best electric scooters for teenagers. It is built with the highest level of safety and optimization with which you can set the scooter the way you want it to be. It’s also lightweight and theft proof, thanks to its 24/7 GPS protection. Pre-order now on our website to get your hands on it.

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