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How Long Do Electric Scooters Last? Plus Tips for a Longer Lifespan

Riding an electric scooter gives a joyful and carefree feeling that you’d like to last forever. However, as the saying goes, whatever has a beginning must have an end. Unfortunately, your favorite electric scooter, just like every other piece of gadget, cannot last forever. Now this brings us to this question which everyone who owns or intends to buy an e-scooter asks: How long do electric scooters last?

Many people think that the lifespan depends on the frequency of usage and the kind of roads they use, but those are not the only factors. From battery life and carriage capacity to pressure and weather conditions, this article will teach you about the things that determine how long electric scooters last. It will also share some tips on how to make your electric scooter last longer.

How Long Do Electric Scooters Last on Average?

Ideally, the lifespan of privately owned electric scooters is higher than that of commercial ride-share ones. This is because people treat their personal ones with care, while public ride-share e-scooters go through severe wear and tear as they move from one user to the other.

On average, e-scooters in a ride-share fleet last for 9 to 18 months, while personal ones last for up to 3 years. The efficiency of a personal e-scooter reduces after the first 2 years, but with proper care and maintenance, you’ll still be cruising your scooter for up to 3 years or even more. 

Which Parts of a Scooter Tend to Break Early?

An electric scooter doesn’t just “freeze up and die.” When people ask “how long do e-scooters last”, they essentially mean the length of time to which the components can last. An electric scooter begins to malfunction when its parts, especially the internal components, start to break down. The parts that break down early include:

The Battery

Most electric scooters run on Lithium-ion batteries. These do not require as much servicing as nickel-metal hydrated and lead acid batteries. However, they still need to be handled with care as they’re an essential component of e-scooters.

Typically, two factors determine a battery’s longevity: the charge cycle and the manner of usage. Every battery has a specific charged number of life cycles, which determine its lifespan. Each time a fully charged battery drains completely, it loses one charge cycle. As time goes on, the lifecycle depletes and the battery becomes weak. 

Rough usage can also cause damage to the battery. Riding your scooter in the rain and excessive falls can damage the battery. Reckless riding may also damage your scooter’s battery.

The Tires

As expected, e-scooter tires are prone to easy damage. The tires take all the pressures and hits when you ride on a rough path.

The Handlebar

Some e-scooter users have complained that the handlebar gets damaged easily. Especially the latch gets easily damaged, making it difficult for the scooter to fold. Some users experience this problem within the first few months, especially when using ride-share e-scooters. Some others enjoyed their electric scooter for more than one year before the handlebar became faulty.

Wiring and Rear Light

The wiring and rear light of some e-scooters damage easily. The rear light is fixed on the scooters fender and connected to the battery using a wire. Often, the tire brushes against the wire and damages it, causing the light to stop working.

Sometimes, the light may also stop working due to a short-circuit of the wires. Additionally, the tires and the rear fender also damage easily in some cases.

These Parts Can Be Easily Replaced

Fortunately, you can extend the lifespan of your e-scooter by replacing defective parts. The parts of an e-scooter you can replace include:

  • Batteries
  • Tires
  • Rare fender

You can find these parts in any e-scooter shop.

How Long Do Scooter Batteries Last on Average?

Typically, e-scooter batteries have 300 to 500 full charge cycles. As soon as you exceed the 500 full charge cycles, the battery starts to decline and ultimately becomes defective and needs to be changed.

How Long Does an Electric Scooter Charge Last in Kilometers?

How long an electric scooter battery lasts when fully charged depends on the terrain, the user weight and the distance covered. At full range, during the first 500 charge cycles, a fully charged battery can last up to 51 kilometres. However, considering that temperature, weight and terrain affects the efficiency of an e-scooter, you should expect a fully charged battery to last for up to 48.45 km. After it has exceeded the first 500 charging cycles, this range begins to drop.

Prolonging Your Scooter’s Lifespan: These Are the Best Tips

If you want to prolong your scooter’s lifespan, here are a few tips that will help you.

1. Always Check the Tires Before Driving

Electric scooter tires are vulnerable to damage, and any serious damage can lead to an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to always check your tires every day before you start driving. Look out for tears, punctures and the air pressure. This way, you’ll know when it’s best to get a tire change.

2. Stick Within Your E-Scooters’ Speed and Weight Limit

Over-speeding beyond your scooter’s speed limit puts excessive pressure on the engine and battery. In like manner, putting an excessive weight on the scooter will damage the deck, and reduce efficiency.

3. Avoid Draining Your Scooter’s Battery

Draining your battery completely is a quick way to reduce the battery life. Instead of allowing the battery to go completely flat, ensure that you recharge it as soon as it goes low to about 30% to 10%. If you’re riding for a long distance, it’ll be best to take along a replacement battery so you can swap it when it goes low.

4. Don’t Overcharge Your E-Scooter Battery

Overcharging can affect your battery as much as draining it. For the best experience, endeavor to unplug your e-scooter from electricity when it charges up to 90% or 95%. This way, you can preserve it for longer.

5. Don’t Ride Your Scooter in Extreme Weather Condition

With most of the e-scooters, you need to avoid riding it under the rain and snow. This is because even it can suffer water damage when water gets into the internal components.

Why Choosing a Quality Scooter Is Important?

When you choose a high-quality model, you’ll enjoy efficiency and durability. High-quality scooters like the Äike e-scooter come with additional safety features such as smart breaks, GPS navigation and other IoT-powered smart features that guarantee both safety for you and your e-scooter.

Ride Äike – Ride Longer!

Äike scooters are built with the highest quality of batteries and smart IoT integration for improved ride optimization. They are extremely durable and can perform optimally while bearing up to 150 kg weight. The parts are reinforced to allow you to ride on rough and bumpy surfaces, and they’re also weatherproof.

Äike T is the first scooter that is compatible with a regular USB-C cable. So, when your battery runs low, you can charge it with your phone’s charger or even use your scooter charger to charge your other devices. It also has a compact display screen that allows you to monitor your speed and battery levels. Äike T has a removable main battery and a hidden IoT battery that allows your scooter to be visible to your GPS even when the battery is off.


When you want to buy an electric scooter, one of the questions that come to mind is “How long do electric scooters last?”. To enjoy the best value for your money, you need to buy a durable electric scooter built to last for long.

From its 5832Wh batteries to the 10-inch tubeless pneumatic tires, every part of the Äike T is reinforced to ensure that your scooter lasts for a long time, offering a 10-year warranty for the frame and a 5-year warranty for the batteries. Pre-order yours now to be a part of the first 500 people to own this world-class e-scooter.