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Is Riding A Scooter Good Exercise?

When it comes to working out, we all know about jogging, cycling, lifting weights, and even brisk walking. But how about scooters? Is riding a scooter an exercise? Let’s find out. 

In today’s fast-paced world, many people have normalized living a sedentary life. It has now become more important than ever to find ways of incorporating healthy and enjoyable exercise into our daily routine. One of those fun physical activities that have become a trend lately is scooter riding.

Generally, we see these micromobility gadgets as a means of commuting around urban cities or just a fun pastime for kids and young adults, so many people don’t know that riding a scooter could be a form of exercise. 

In this article, we will answer the question “Is riding a scooter an exercise?” We will also explore the physical advantages of scooter exercise and some other benefits you didn’t know about yet. 

Is It Possible to Get Fit by Riding an E-scooter?

Riding a scooter isn’t just a leisurely activity. It involves a collection of muscles. When using a kick scooter, you need to engage your leg muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes to propel yourself forward on the ride. All of these muscles work together to propel the device forward.

Even if you do not have to do this on an e-scooter, an electric device can also help you get some exercise into your daily routine: The abdominal muscles and the muscles of the back play essential roles in maintaining balance on the deck, for example. When steering the ride, the muscles of the upper parts of the body come into play. The arms, shoulders, and the muscles located in the fingers get actively involved in maneuvering the commuter through all kinds of terrain.

The repetitive motion of the body as it tries to maintain balance and steer the handle ultimately leads to increased muscle development and calorie burning. 

How Can Riding a Scooter Be a Good Exercise?

Riding a scooter can be a good exercise in many ways, namely: 

Improvement of Coordination

Riding a micromobility device requires a high level of coordination and motor skills. So, the more you engage in this scooter exercise, the more you’ll notice an improvement in your balance, steering, and control. This is because the muscles and nerves necessary for those actions have improved over time. All of this ultimately results in a better physique.

Core Development

Core muscles such as the abdominal muscles and muscles of the lower back are essential in maintaining balance during the ride. The more you ride your commuter, the more you engage and work out these muscles. This results in a healthy core strength, which is essential in maintaining balance, stability, and good posture in your daily activities.

Lower Body Workout 

Your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, and other muscles of the lower body are actively involved when riding a scooter. As earlier stated, these muscles contribute to maintaining balance and controlling your electric scooter. Hence, this scooter riding exercise provides them with a consistent low-intensity workout.

You Get That Amazing Feeling of Freedom

Some people are claustrophobic. So, they don’t like to be cooped up in a car, and they are allergic to sitting in traffic. If you fall into this category, riding a personal commuter gives you the feeling of freedom that you can’t get from cars and buses. Firstly, it is not an enclosed space, and secondly, you also don’t have to stay stuck in traffic even during rush hours. 

With the wind sweeping your hair and flushing over your face, you’ll feel youthful and energetic each time you ride on your scooter. Then there’s also the rush of adrenaline when you move at an incredible speed. 

Apart from being a fun way of working out, riding e-scooters also has other health benefits. They include: 

  • Improved mood due to fresh breeze kissing your face
  • Better sleep
  • High burst of energy
  • Encourages weight loss

Do E-scooters Have Any Further Benefits?

Apart from being a good workout tool, electric scooters also have other benefits. They include:

They Are Quiet

Unlike most cars that come with noisy combustible engines, these electric commuters are designed with noiseless motors. The motors are powered by lead ion batteries, so they don’t make a noise like petrol-powered vehicles. Hence, they don’t contribute to noise pollution or even greenhouse emissions. 

Foldable E-scooters Can Be Extremely Portable

Portability is another great benefit of electric scooters. If you have a foldable e-scooter, you can bend it into a compact shape and carry it along when not riding. Although most products are lightweight, carrying your device around may also be a subtle way of working out the muscles of your arms. 

They Are Way More Affordable Than Cars

Cars are expensive, and as inflation bites harder, the price will get even higher. Instead of spending thousands of euros on buying a car, you can buy a high-quality electric scooter like Äike T Pro for only €1,399. 

They Are Extremely Convenient

Electric scooters don’t inconvenience you. They’re easy to use, low maintenance, and highly durable. If you buy a high-end brand, you will also get an enhanced security feature. For instance, the Äike T comes with a smart lock protection feature that automatically locks your device when you step away from it. 

Additionally, its GPS and theft-protection feature ensures that you don’t lose track of your ride, regardless of where you go.

They Are Faster Than Walking and Jogging

If you have some errands to run around your neighborhood, why walk or run when you can do it faster with a scooter? Your micromobility ride can be incredibly fast if you want it to be. For instance, the Äike T travels at a top speed of 15.4 miles per hour (ca. 25 km/h).

With this speed, you can scoot to the grocery store down the road, ride around your campus, or even get to the office quickly. This is a lot faster and more convenient compared to walking or jogging.

Get Fit Now — With the Äike T

Now that we have answered the question “Is riding a scooter an exercise?” it is essential to ensure that you buy a product that gives you great value for your money. With the Äike T, you will get all the incredible scooter exercise benefits listed above, and also get a product that will stand the test of time. 

The Äike T has been tested and proven to be the world’s smartest electric scooter brand. Check out the tech specifications, and place an order now