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Why Should Äike E-Scooter Be Part Of Your Urban Lifestyle?

Man blurry walking with blue Äike scooter in background

Have you ever counted up the minutes you sit in a traffic jam with your car, versus the time you can actually drive? Not to mention looking for the parking space when you arrive and making sure you don’t park behind anyone so that they can’t get out. It could be especially annoying having to drive to the gas station, because the red light on the armature started blinking mercilessly, but you are already late for a meeting because of the congested traffic lane.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Äike E-Scooter Should Be Part of Your Life

1. You Can Cut Down the Long Commuting Times

When switching to riding instead of driving, your day could start a lot differently. It’s possibly even a stretch calling it ‘riding’ because, with an Äike e-scooter, it feels more like gliding. All you have to do is make sure that your phone is charged when you leave the house. The Äike end-user App will show all the rest of the vital information, like how much power the scooter’s batteries have left, etc. It would be wise to charge the portable batteries the night before so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it in the morning.

Unlock the scooter from the App, make sure the batteries are full, press the gas button and you’ll be on your way. When riding (or gliding) with Äike, you’ll pass the congested traffic easily and you can use the bike lane, not having to deal with traffic lights or the absence of parking spaces. You’ll probably even get to your meeting in time.

Car traffic jam
2. It’s a Clever Investment

Owning a car in the city can bring along a lot of hidden expenses. You have to pay for parking, make sure you have a parking space near your home, pay for annual maintenance, gas, spare parts, etc. In some countries, you would also have to pay tax for owning more than one car. The consumption of the car takes more resources than the benefits it gives back to you.

It is a little bit easier for Äike owners though. Äike doesn’t use emission fuels, which is good for the environment and means that you don’t have to tank it now and then. It doesn’t need a separate parking space either, which can be another relief for your wallet. You can simply leave Äike outside, lock it from the end-user App and take batteries inside with you. Even if someone tries to move it without permission, the scooter can’t be used, you’ll get a notification in your App, the wheels will lock and the burglar alarm starts making a loud noise. 

The maintenance is also way easier. You would have to physically improve your car with new parts, to make it all new again. Äike is an electric scooter connected to the Internet, which means it will receive its updates over-the-air (OTA updates). The maintenance team will also send you notifications to let you know about the necessary changes. 

And yes, compared to other privately owned e-scooter brands on the market, Äike has a higher price range. However, our engineers and developers wanted to build something that would last and wouldn’t have to be repaired or produced again every year. Äike is built so durably that it has the longest warranty period ever given to an e-scooter.  10 years for the frame and 5 years for the batteries. 

3. It’s Simply the Most Comfortable Inner-City Ride

Another problem with getting around in the city is the pavement. Different terrain and high curbstones can be tricky to cross. Äike e-scooter pneumatic tires soften the bumps on the road. And the heavy and wide standing deck helps make it more stable and place your feet next to each other. That gives you a secure feeling while being on the scooter, without having to worry about holding balance all the time. Since Äike is powered by electricity, you’ll be where you need to be in no time. No pedalling or heavy physical exercise involved.