User manual

You’re about to experience the electric power within Äike (which means "thunder" in Estonian).

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Whether you set out to conquer big city streets or embark on new adventures through country roads – the feeling of power & freedom will follow you on every turn along the way.

Äike’s vision and mission starts with our promise to create the world’s most durable & rider-friendly e-scooter without abusing and wasting the planet’s resources in the process.  – something we can proudly say we have already achieved (but are continuously working on)!




General guidelines

We know you must be beyond excited to start taking over the world with your new Äike, but before you do – we strongly encourage you to read through this user manual. It is important to know how to best take care of your new scooter and to be familiarized with all of our safety guidelines. (After all – nothing is more exciting than being safe, right?)

You probably already know this, but Äike is powered by an electric engine. What this means for you, is that your local legislation might classify it as an operated vehicle, which is required to follow specific traffic laws – including speed, rider’s age, and power limits. Please be aware that other restrictions, such as safety and technical requirements might apply to you as well. Nothing scary, we’re just letting you know that it’s best to get to familiarize yourself with the local laws before you go out and about. 

Here is a comprehensive list of some aspects you need to keep in mind while operating your Äike:

  1. A person under the age of 14 needs to use the scooter under the supervision of an adult. This isn’t a guideline to ruin anyone’s fun – the measurements and weight of Äike may simply be a safety hazard for our younger riders.
  2. Please note that the weight of the user of Äike cannot exceed the given weight limit (150kg). Exceeding the weight limit might damage Äike and injure the rider.   For your own safety, we ask you to resist the urge to go crazy and ensure only one person operates the e-scooter at a time.
  3. Don’t drink and ride! We believe that riding Äike is exhilarating enough by itself, meaning it is absolutely prohibited to ride it under the influence of alcohol, narcotic substances, or strong medication that may interfere with the proper functioning of senses. Seriously. 
  4. Please avoid riding your Äike if you have a heart condition, head, back, or neck ailments that limit your ability to ride safely. In addition, if you have any mental or physical conditions that may make you susceptible to injury, we also recommend not to ride with Äike. Similarly, if you have any conditions that may impair your physical dexterity or mental capabilities to recognize or understand the safety hazards inherent with Äike, we kindly ask you not to ride Äike for the safety of you and others. 
  5. Feel free to ride Äike between temperatures of -15°C to +40°C. But do keep in mind that the colder the temperature, the stiffer the brakes, which may affect the braking distance of the scooter… Be careful! 
  6. Äike has no problem enduring all types of environments and temperatures, but the batteries are at their prime when they are charged between temperatures +5°C to 30°C. If you have been riding in below-freezing temperatures, please let the batteries warm up by bringing them indoors before connecting them to the charger. 
  7. For a short-term period (3-4 days), you can store your Äike in temperatures between -15°C to +40°C (including the batteries). If you want to leave your Äike out for a longer period of time, it’s best to do so with fully charged batteries, at a temperature of +5° to +30°C and preferably in a dry and shady place. 
  8. A lot of effort has been put into developing durable batteries, so there is no need for you to disassemble or alter the batteries in any way. If the battery should fall or experience other types of hard concussion, please bring it to us for a checkup. A damaged battery might be a fire hazard.
  9. We’ve made Äike weatherproof, to make your rides more adventurous. It’s durable but unfortunately doesn’t last forever. Riding in deep water, mud, snow, and in an explosive environment will shorten the scooter’s lifespan and is therefore not recommended. All in good means and considering your own safety. If it gets a bit out of hand and the scooter gets damaged in very rough conditions, it might cancel your warranty and we would not want that to happen. But if it does, we will be there for you with a reasonable solution.
  10.  Although the idea of testing Äike’s limits might be tempting, please avoid riding on slippery roads, stairs, steep slopes, and inclines. Perhaps one day we will manufacture an electric scooter specifically built for stunts, but Äike is not yet intended for any type of parkour. To enjoy your ride and avoid trouble, please comply with local laws and regulations.
  11. Äike will definitely leave you feeling happy and free, but please avoid contact with the moving parts of the scooter during your rides. Ensure that your hands, feet, hair, clothing, and other body parts stay clear of moving parts like the motor or front wheel. And unless you are a highly trained circus artist, we advise you to keep both hands on the handlebar when riding at all times.
  12.  To ride safely, be visible to other road users and make sure that no one is on the route and select the appropriate riding speed. As for life in general, any joyride may experience some bumps, water, sand, gravel, dirt, leaves, and other debris on the way. We’re just giving you a heads-up to pay attention to and keep your eyes on the road.
  13.  We totally wanted to offer personal bodyguards with Äike’s purchase, but we were told they wouldn’t last the journey in the cardboard box… So please wear a helmet and other protective gear while riding, simply for the safety and well-being of yourself.
  14.  If your Äike has gotten dirty, feel free to clean it with a pressure washer. When washing with a pressure washer, make sure that the battery lid and charger ports are closed properly.
  15.  That being said, avoid directing the water-jet directly at the front and rear wheel shafts. It is also better for the scooter not to be washed with strong solvents.
  16.  When charging, make sure that battery connectors, chargers, and charging plugs are dry and clean.


Package contents 

Assembled Electric Scooter 

Passport & user manual 

Charger Li-ion battery x2

Carefully check package contents, if anything is missing or damaged, please contact customer service for support. 

Safety guidelines 

Before each use, make sure that you have checked if everything is in order with your Äike. Another small check-list to go by: 

  • condition of the wheels & condition of tires; 
  • safe operation of all brakes and lights; 
  • good condition of the frame;
  • check if you have sufficient battery power; 
  • state whether you might have any sign of damage, unusual or excessive wear, or other open and obvious mechanical problems or maintenance needs. 

If there are any issues with your scooter that might affect your riding experience, let us know and we will help you find a solution. 

To keep your Äike going strong for years to come, we recommend bringing it in for an occasional check-up. All Äike components should be maintained and repaired by us or our licensed partners. The same applies to spare parts and they should be installed by manufacturer-approved dealers or other skilled people. 

We have assembled Äike with great care, so please do not modify the scooter, its batteries, electrical systems, etc on your own. It will void your warranty and might introduce potential safety issues. We advise you to read and understand all safety warnings listed on the product label.



In order to ride your Äike, you’ll need to download our mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store. You’ll then need to make yourself an account and connect the app with the QR or regular code that you can find in the scooter’s packaging. 

Our amazing developers are working on making the app even cooler every day – keep an eye on where we’ll be  adding the newest information and instructions about updates to the app! 

Basic features

– From the app’s home page, you can easily turn your Äike on and off by pressing the “Unlock” and “Lock” buttons.

– If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re not quite sure about the whereabouts of your scooter, simply press the speaker icon to set off an alarm that will lead you to it.  

– In order to keep an even closer eye on your Äike, tap the location button to see its location on the map.

– To maximize your scooter’s battery life, turn on ECO mode. This mode limits the speed to 20 km/h and optimises other features to reduce battery consumption.

 Under “Battery details” you can see the current status of your batteries.

When it comes time to recharge your batteries, press “Open lid” to open the battery cover and carefully remove the batteries.

To close the battery cover, simply press it down until a click is heard.


Äike scooter sketch front view

How to ride Äike

The first ride with your new e-scooter

Open the app and unlock the scooter by pushing “Unlock”. Before you start riding, check the battery level on the app. 



To kick off the stand, grasp the scooter with your hands and push it forward. To ride, hold the handlebars with your hands and place one foot on the scooter. With the other foot, kick it off once and press the throttle link on the right of the handlebar. 


Driving and braking

To brake, release the throttle and pull the brake lever to your left. To turn, use your bodyweight to guide the handlebar to the right or left Do not step down from the scooter until you have stopped. Stepping off a moving scooter can cause injury. 



To place the kickstand, press the part of the stand protruding from the bottom against the ground and pull the scooter towards you from the handlebars.



To stop, choose “Lock” on the app and your scooter will make a sound as a confirmation that it is locked. 


NB! We strongly recommend wearing a helmet while riding with Äike!



Äike’s range can be affected by the following factors: 

  • Ground and road surface: moving on smooth and horizontal surfaces allows for a longer range than bumpy and mountainous roads.  
  • Tire pressure: the higher the tire pressure, the longer the range. The maximum recommended tire pressure is 3.4 bars. 
  • Weight of the rider: the heavier the rider and their carried baggage, the shorter is the range,  
  • Temperature: the colder it is, the shorter the will be the range.  
  • Riding style and speed: smooth and even riding style extends the range. The less there is sudden braking and acceleration, the longer is the range. Find your own pace that you feel most comfortable riding. 
  • Maintenance: instantly charging the fully emptied battery and regular maintenance of the scooter helps to maintain a better range for a longer period of time. 


Batteries and charging  

Äike has two batteries that are located under the standing deck. There is a battery charger included in the set. 

Try to avoid using excessive force while connecting the batteries. The aim is to keep your batteries well and working for a long time, so do not charge the batteries in a humid environment, under direct sunlight or near an open flame. 

Once again, (we know you’re tired of hearing this, but it is super important!) – keep the batteries away from any open flames and other heat sources to avoid overheating. 

It’s good to keep in mind that excess cold or warmth or overall extreme conditions will affect the lifespan of the battery. 

Stop charging immediately if the battery exudes smell, liquid of too much heat. It is super important not to puncture, heat, pour water on or freeze the batteries. Do not throw the batteries out along with household waste, instead, please return them to the manufacturer.

! Maintenance tip: instantly charging empty batteries and regular maintenance of the scooter help to maintain a better range for a longer period of time.



If damage occurs to the battery as a result of falling etc, then it is necessary to take and store the battery outdoors immediately. In outdoor conditions, avoid direct contact between the battery and water. To assess the condition of the battery, please contact to test the safety of the batteries. If necessary, you can purchase a new one. It is best to charge the battery before it completely runs out of charge. Depending on the distance of your planned route you can charge only one battery. Once the batteries are charged, insert them back to Äike.


External charging

The easiest way to charge your Äike is through the external charging port. Fully charging the scooter takes a maximum of 4 hours. 

  • Connect the charger directly to the external charging port.
  • Once you have finished charging, disconnect the charger.

PS! You’ll know your scooter is fully charged when the indicator light on the charger turns green.


Battery charging

There is also another way to charge your Äike: by peacefully leaving the scooter outside and taking the batteries to be charged indoors. The charging time per battery is approximately 2 hours. 

  • Open Lid

To open the battery lid, choose Battery details > Open Lid on the app.

  • Remove the batteries

Push the lid, grab one or both of the batteries from the rope and pull them out. 

  • Charge the batteries

Connect the charger to the socket and then to the battery.

  • Put the batteries back

Enter the batteries and close the lid.

  • Disconnect the charger

PS!  There is also an extra secret battery hidden within Äike that keeps the GPS and anti-theft functions on even when the main batteries are dead or being charged! 


ECO mode

Sometimes you might take unplanned trips with Äike that take you further from charging opportunities. Or you just don’t have the time to stake a break and find a place to charge your scooter. To make your battery last longer, turn on ECO mode on your Äike app to optimize energy consumption. The speed will be limited to 20km/h and power consumption will be confined to extend the range and battery capacity. 


Maintenance and service 

Before each ride, check that the scooter has no visual damage. Check before each charging that the battery would not have visual indications of damage and that the battery connector is clean and dry. Check the tire pressure once a month. Recommended tire pressure is 2.0 bars but it is allowed to be in between 1.8-3.4 bars. If you wish for a more comfortable ride, then decrease tire pressure; if you wish for a longer driving range, then increase the tire pressure. 

To regulate the brake braking force, turn the brake regulator knob on the front wheel. Turning it counterclockwise will increase braking force and turning it clockwise decreases it. If you feel that it is not possible to regulate the brakes and braking force is not strong enough, then bring your scooter to us for maintenance. 

We recommend bringing the scooter for regular maintenance once a year with an Äike manufacturer or at a licensed maintenance partner. Repairs will also be conducted by the manufacturer or official maintenance partner. 



We know that you wish Äike to be your long-term companion. Therefore your Äike has a warranty so that we could step in if something seems to be out of order. 

Äike warranty is divided into three separate parts:

  • The warranty of the steel frame is 10 years
  • The battery warranty is 5 years or 10,000km, whereas the battery capacity is at least 70% of the state and the scooter is in a good condition. 
  • All other parts have a warranty of 2 years or 10,000km.
  • The warranty is valid in the European Union. 
  • The warrantor is Comodule.  


Remember the long list of safety guidelines we stated before? Well, they were written for a reason as the warranty is only valid if the scooter has been used properly as in the manual. There are some exceptions: parts prone to wear down like grips, tires, cables, and brakes – regulating the brakes and cables are not considered under the warranty. Also, visual defects (scratches, dents, etc) are not considered under warranty.

In case you need to perform repairs under warranty, or you have further questions regarding your warranty, contact us at and provide us with the description and photo materials of the issue. Or come by and visit our licensed partners and repair shops! 



Length x Width x Height

1220 mm x 500 mm x 1175 mm


27.5 kg

Riding experience


Up to 40 km

Maximum speed

25 km/h

Charging time per battery


Load capacity

150 kg

Wheels and tires

254 mm (10 inches), puncture proof pneumatic tires


Engine power

350 W

Battery capacity (Wh)

2 x 340 = 680Wh


Electric brake on the rear wheel and mechanical drum brake on the front wheel

Charger Input Voltage

100-240AC, Output Voltage = 42VDC, Output Current: 2.0 Amps, Charger Manufacturer: DONGGUAN ANGDI TECHNOLOGY CO LTD, Model: BC266420200 (Only Use Charger Provided)



Weather proof (chassis, motor, battery IP67)


Theft and vandalism tracking and reporting system