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What is the Best Waterproof Electric Scooter for Adults?

Every scooter rider just wants to have fun outdoors. They wish the floors could be dry all the time so that their scooters could glide smoothly over paved floors and sidewalks. But then, the skies delight in unpredictability. A perfectly sunny sky can quickly switch to rainfall. This is the reason why you need a waterproof electric scooter. 

Waterproof electric scooters are designed with materials that protect their internal properties from water damage. They are the best scooters as you can ride them under the sun, rain, and even snow with the confidence that their inner components are safe.


Are Electric Scooters Waterproof?

Just as your phone, television, and computer cannot be truly waterproof, there’s no perfectly waterproof electric scooter out there. High-quality waterproof e-scooters may take a reasonable amount of water splash, but over-exposure to water will most likely cause damage. 

To know if an e-scooter has some waterproof qualities, you need to look out for its Ingress Protection rating (IP rating). The IP rating measures the scooter’s protection against intrusion by foreign matters like rain, dust, and other particles. 

Other factors determining the water-resistance level of your e-scooter include the deck grip, fender protection, and the construction materials. IP ratings are written as two values. The first value represents the protection level from dust and other solid particles, while the second represents water protection.

How to Know if Your Electric Scooter Is Waterproof?

If you want to find out if your electric scooter is waterproof, you should pay attention to the second figure on the IP rating. If the second figure is 0, your e-scooter doesn’t have any water protection at all. If the value is 1, it means that it can withstand drops of water; if it’s 7, it means that your scooter can be immersed in up to 1 meter of water. Read more about this from our article on riding scooters in the rain.


Waterproof and Water-resistant Scooter: What’s the Difference?

Waterproof means “absolute protection from water.” Imagine putting a loaf of bread into a plastic bag and zipping it locked. You can immerse this ziplock bag into a bowl of water for many minutes, and the water won’t get the bread soaked. This is the real definition of waterproof, and in truth, most e-scooters don’t qualify to be tagged waterproof. 

On the other hand, water resistance is the ability of an item to withstand water splashes. This feature is limited and does not include torrential rainfalls or water immersion. Hence, simply put, your scooter can only be water-resistant. They’re not waterproof, so don’t use them to cross a local river.

Importance of Using a Waterproof Electric Scooter

Anyone who owns an e-scooter treasures it. Apart from the convenience that it brings, it also makes you look cool and trendy, hence you wouldn’t want it to get damaged in a short time. Durability is the primary reason why you need your e-scooter to have waterproof properties. You want the inner components to remain protected and functional even when water splashes on it, so you must ensure that your scooter has an impressive IP rating. 

After considering the IP rating, you may also add an extra waterproofing by using a dielectric grease to insulate the connectors and other places that may be vulnerable to water damage. You can also use a plastic tape or waterproofing spray to cover openings and joints through which water can penetrate.

Where to Get Waterproof Electric Scooters?

If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter with a commendable water resistance property, then you should look out for Äike Electric Scooters, as they are weatherproof. They have been tested across all kinds of weather conditions, from the Nordic winters to the Mediterranean heat. 

What Is the IP Rating of the Äike T?

Äike T has an IP rating of X5,  a high water-resistant level that protects it from water splashes from all angles. Äike T Electric Scooters are built to handle rain puddles, snowstorms and icy roads. Don’t you agree that getting wet is a part of life? Plus kinda fun.


Many electric scooter brands out there claim to sell waterproof electric scooters, but many of these scooters are not truly waterproof. Äike T electric scooters are your best bet if you’re looking for high-quality water-resistant electric scooters. 

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