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Sustainable Transport Solutions: Ideas for the Mobility of the Future

Sustainable transportation is not just about lowering emissions, it also focuses on creating a healthier lifestyle and a safer and greener environment for us to live in. More than half of the world lives in urban areas with growing congestion, which increases the need for better urban mobility. So what time would be better than now to think about environment friendly transport solutions?

We will show you some green transport ideas and explain what exactly sustainable transportation is and how we can incorporate it into our daily lives. We will also talk about one of the best solutions to pollution at the end of this article. 

What is Sustainable Mobility? 

Sustainability is a word we come across almost daily, especially when it comes to food, fashion, energy and lifestyle. Living sustainably means not to harm the environment, or at least to lower the impact. It crosses several areas of our life, and of course transportation is no exception. 

The growing reliance on coal energy in the last few years has led to an increase in energy-related carbon dioxide emissions by 6% or over 2 billion tonnes. It is necessary for us to find greener options to reduce this number. Clean transport modes create ways to rely less on natural resources in order to preserve and restore them. These solutions are not only energy-efficient, but also affordable and good for our physical and mental health. 

The benefits of Sustainable Transport Solutions 

There are a lot of benefits to sustainable mobility. Some of them might seem obvious, while others might be points you haven’t considered yet. We summarized all the important ones: 

1. Limit Your Carbon Footprint 

Using motorized transport modes will inevitably have an impact on the environment. Sustainable transport solutions can lower or even reduce this impact to zero if you choose to walk instead of driving, for example. Not only will the amount of CO2 emitted into the air go down, but also air pollution and noise. A quiet and clean environment is much more comfortable to live in than a noisy and dirty one. 

2. A Healthier Lifestyle Means Better Mental Health 

The pandemic has taught us how important physical exercise is to keep our sanity. Being outdoors, walking and cycling are perfect ways to improve our well-being and our mental health. 

3. Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams 

Getting stuck in a traffic jam is probably not the best way to start your morning. Although the pandemic lowered the level of global congestion in 2020, we can already see a slight increase in 2021 as things are getting back to normal. This will pose a problem especially in densely populated areas, as the number of traffic jams will rise once people start going back to the office on a daily basis. To avoid this, we need to switch to more clean transportation modes. 

4. Fewer Accidents and Injuries 

With fewer cars on the streets, the risk of getting into an accident will decrease drastically. At the same time, accidents will be less severe because green vehicles are more reliable than fuel-operated ones when it comes to a collision. E-Scooters for example are statistically the safest mode of transport.

5. Reduces Disposal and Raw Material Consumption 

Rising oil and gas prices are a major concern right now, so looking for green alternatives is the best way to save some money and to consume less raw materials. Most sustainable transport solutions have a much longer lifespan than cars and can be used without any issues over a long time. 

What the Future of Green Transport Looks Like 

Several cities are already working on creating a better environment by having an easily accessible public transportation system and by building better infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Some cities even introduced slow streets to reduce pedestrian injuries. Another way is to impose a toll rate in crowded cities to discourage drivers from going there. 

Our modes of transportation will see some changes as well. Vehicles will be more and more environmentally friendly and transport solutions like electric bikes, electric scooters and hydrogen vehicles will become more widespread. The ban of gas-cars is already starting in major European cities and some American states. 


Sustainable Transportation: How to Get Started 

Finding alternative ways to get from A to B is the best solution. Some ideas might be: 

-> Try to walk, cycle or go by scooter whenever possible.

-> Change your gas car to an electric car. If you are thinking about buying a new car, electric cars are a great option to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. 

-> Carpooling with coworkers: If your commute is too long, you can ride with your friends and coworkers to minimize the number of cars on the road. 

-> Use small personal mobility vehicles such as Segways, hoverboards, electric bikes and electric scooters. 

Why Electric Scooters Are Perfect for Sustainable Mobility

One of the cleanest transport modes is riding an e-scooter, especially if walking to your workplace is not an option. E-scooters weigh less than an adult and can therefore use energy more efficiently. An electric scooter can travel more than 100 km on one kilowatt-hour of energy. 

They are also cheaper to build and more environmentally friendly when companies are using recycled and ethical materials. E-scooters with a long lifespan are the perfect solution to pollution

Äike: Sustainable Transport Solution for Your Needs

Äike is the world’s greenest electric scooter brand, and all of our Estonian factories are powered by renewable energy. We produce high-end electric scooters by using as much recycled material as possible. E-scooters from Äike are smart and can be mostly repaired remotely by updating the system. 

The durability of our scooters is way longer compared to other models, and we provide excellent after-sales service to our customers. Not only is the design safer than ever, but it also benefits your physical health as all models are built ergonomically.