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The Best Off-road Electric Scooter [2023]

Electric scooters are built to give you that fun riding experience where you can zap around smooth paved roads all day, and fold up your ride when you’re not using it. However, when it comes to driving on bumpy, rocky, dirty and rugged roads, that’s where off-road electric scooters are king! 

Off-road electric scooters are powerfully designed to do a higher level of work than the regular micromobility gadgets you use for your urban commute. They come with large tires, heavy-duty motors, powerful battery capacity and multiply reinforced suspensions to take all the hits and quakes. Furthermore, their security features are well-optimized for the kind of terrain in which they operate.

What Do I Have to Look for in an Off-road Electric Scooter?

If you’re buying an electric off-road scooter, there are some features you must look out for to make the right purchase. They include: 

  • Motor power: The motors in this kind of device should have an actual power of at least 2,400–3,000 watts or above. The peak power should surpass 4,000 watts. 
  • Battery capacity: Look out for products with powerful removable lithium batteries that can run for long with a single charge. Some high-quality models can go for 65 miles (104.61 km) on one charge. 
  • Design: Look out for ones that have a comfortable design.
  • Breaks: Pay close attention to the breaks because good breaks are essential when climbing and descending hills. It’s best to buy products with a combination of anti-lock breaks and a dual breaking system.

How Much Does an Off-road Scooter Cost?

The cost of an off-road micromobility ride varies depending on the specifications and the manufacturer. Some brands sell for as low as €1,000, while some others cost more than €3,000. As a rule of thumb, products with high specifications cost more than the lower-end variants. 

What Kind of Terrain Can Off-road Scooters Drive On?

Off-road electric scooters are also called “all-terrain” electric commuters. And as the name implies, they can ply on all kinds of places. You can drive them on bumpy roads, forest, mud, hills, gravel, pebbles, puddles, grass, and all kinds of rough surfaces. They are designed to take all the intense pressure and hits of these rough surfaces without damaging its essential parts. 

These Are the Best 6 Off-road Electric Scooters for 2023

The best off-road electric scooters to buy in 2023 are:

  • Dualtron X2 UP
  • Apollo Ghost
  • Wolf GT Pro
  • Wolf Warrior X
  • Outstorm Maxx Folding Electric Scooter
  • Inokim Oxo

Dualtron X2 UP 

Price around: ‎€6,090.-

This product is built with a 19-step suspension and massive 13 inches (ca. 33 cm) tubeless tires. With its 72 V, 42 AH LG battery, this gadget can travel for over 99 miles (ca. 159 km) on a single charge at a top speed of 110 km/hr. 

However, travelling at such a speed is only allowed on private property. In many countries across the globe, the maximum speed is 110 km/h. Furthermore, it’s very expensive. 


  • Incredible speed
  • USB charging ports 
  • Highly sturdy


  • Bulky
  • Not portable
  • Expensive; It costs €5,990


Apollo Ghost

Price around: ‎€1,799.-

Apollo Ghost is designed with dual 1000 W motors, which gives it a combined maximum speed of 34 mph (54.72 km/h). Its 10 inches (ca. 25 cm) pneumatic tires are quite sturdy for an off-road commute, and it has an astounding weight capacity of 300 lbs (ca. 136 km). 


  • Adjustable suspensions
  • High speed
  • 37 miles (ca. 60 km) range on one charge
  • Suitable for heavy riders


  • Weighs 64 lbs (ca. 32 kg)
  • Expensive; It costs between $1,649 and $1,849 (around €1,550 – €1,740)

Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro

Price around: €3,195.-

Wolf GT Pro is another excellent option for people looking to buy an off-road electric commuter gadget. It has a top speed of 62 mph (ca. 100 km/h), and its 2×2,000 W dual motor give off 111.84 miles (ca. 180 km) max. The 11-inch tires are built for the most rugged terrain, and the extra-sensitive hydraulic brakes bring it to a halt instantly.


  • Excellent brakes
  • Highly stable 


  • Extremely heavy (52 kg or 104 lbs)
  • Expensive; It costs €3,299

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X

Price around: €1,899.-

Many people consider the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X as the king of all-terrain electric scooters. This may be because it gives an incredibly great performance and still has a detailed aesthetics. It’s built with highly stable 10-inch tires and a double stem hydraulic front shock ready to absorb all the vibrations you may encounter. 

Other amazing features include a maximum speed of 43.4 mph (ca. 70 km/h) thanks to its 1,100W dual motors, as well as a maximum range of 43.4 miles (ca. 70 km). 


  • Highly stable
  • Incredible power


  • Weighs 33.8 kg (ca. 74.5 lbs) 
  • Expensive; It costs between €1,799 and €2,199 (depending on configuration)

5. Outstorm Maxx Folding Electric Scooter

Price around: €1,897.-

This product stands out as one of the most popular among most electric scooter off-road gadgets. This is not surprising considering its high-power 3,200W motor and the top speed of 56 mph (90.12 km/h). Its 25AH battery, reinforced 11 inches (ca. 28 cm) tires and up to 53 miles (ca. 85 km) range makes it the ideal off-road commuter if you need a top-flight performance. 

It also has a good balance thanks to the hydraulic shock absorbers in front and the standard spring suspensions at the back. 


  • Incredible balance
  • High top-speed
  • Large tires


  • Weighs 95 lbs (47.5 kg)
  • Expensive; It costs between $1,897.98 and $2,197.98 (around €1,780 – €2,070)

6. Inokim Oxo

Price around: €2,399.-

While most electric off-road micromobility gadgets look rugged, the Inokim Oxo looks just like your regular micromobility gadget. But then, beneath all that simple look lies a powerful commuter with dual 1,000W motors that gives off a maximum speed of 40 mph (ca. 64 km/h). 

At full charge, the 60V 25.6AH battery can reach 68 miles (ca. 109 km) range, and the 10 inches (ca. 25 cm) pneumatic tires are designed to breeze through the roughest terrains. Both wheels come with hydraulic brakes, and the suspension system is world-class. 


  • Highly durable
  • Multifunctional 


  • Weighs 74 lbs (37 kg)
  • Expensive; It costs between $1,899 and $2,999 (around €1,785 – €2,820)

You Don’t Need an Off-road Scooter When You Have an Äike T

The idea of owning an off-road electric scooter may seem appealing, but their heavy weight and expensive price tag makes them an unnecessary purchase. As long as you don’t intend to ride in a forest or a construction site full of ditches, gravels and pebbles, you don’t need to buy an off-road scooter. 

All you need is an Äike T scooter. This ride is foldable, lightweight and can climb hills with ease. It comes with excellent suspensions to soak up any vibrations on rough paths so that you can continue to enjoy your smooth ride. It also gives you an incredible top speed of over 15.5 mph (ca. 25 km/h – which is a legal limit in most of the countries), a high range of up to 24.9 miles (ca. 40 km), and a magnificent braking system you can rely on for your safety. Place an order already today.