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The Äike T Electric Scooter

World-class design & high-tech innovation

Your own award-winning Äike T e-scooter for CHF 1599.
Shipping starts in May 2023. Order now!

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German Design Awards 2023

Gold for Excellent Product Design of Bicycles and E-Bikes

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100% weatherproof

Because getting wet is a part of life. Plus kinda fun. So yeah, the weather is no longer an excuse for you to call that taxi. The new Äike T will take you out and about through even the toughest of storms. Riding with a rubber ducky is highly recommended.

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Theft protection

The GPS-protection allows you to leave the electric scooter outside when you’re in a restaurant or at the supermarket. Unauthorized movement of your Äike launches an immediate notification on your app, triggers the automatic break lock and sounds an alarm.

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Made in Europe

Tested durability. In other words, über strong and will keep you going even if you hit a curb every now and again. Äike’s high quality EU-based manufacturing and interchangeable parts make everything super sturdy to begin with yet also effortless to repair.

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