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How Does an Electric Scooter Work? What You Need to Know

Electric scooters are very useful and convenient gadgets, and it’s fun spinning them around the neighborhood. But beyond that, have you ever taken time to wonder or ask, “how does an electric scooter work?” How do all the components of this small micromobility device come together to produce efficient movement while being eco-friendly?

From the throttle to the controllers down to the batteries, motors, and wheels — different components of an e-scooter perform different roles to get the ride moving. In this article, we will answer the question “how does an electric scooter work?” and we will assess the roles that each essential part of the electric commuter plays.

What Are the Main Components of an Electric Scooter?

To provide answers to the question “how does an electric scooter work”, we have to look at it all as a network with many devices. For example throttle sends the command ”more power!”, next one listens and determines if it is allowed to add more power. When the answer is “yes, of course”, it sends the signal to the battery saying ”give the motor more power!” and the battery listens and pushes more power to the motor to make the scooter accelerate.

The process of riding a modern micromobility vehicle actually starts with establishing connection between your smartphone and the scooter. Then, the scooter can be turned on via automatic unlocking through bluetooth connection or by sending an unlock command over the GSM network.  When raving the throttle, the scooter has to go through some control mechanisms first, before it accelerates the motor. These control mechanisms are for example: is the scooter unlocked, is the battery connected, does the battery have sufficient power, is the scooter already moving, if so how fast etc. These, and many more terms are checked multiple times every second. This is important so that the scooter used only by it’s proud owner and no harm is made to your dear vehicle.

To get a better understanding of how these gadgets work, the following paragraphs will discuss the essential components.

How Does an E-Scooter Battery Work?

Modern electric scooters are powered by lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are light, rechargeable, and in some cases, removable. The power capacity of a battery depends on its voltage and charge. These two parameters are measured in Volts (V) and Ampere hours (Ah) respectively.

To determine the battery’s energy capacity, you have to multiply the voltage by the charge. The resulting value is then expressed in Watt-hours.

The battery is the powerhouse of the vehicle, so the higher the battery’s energy-storing capacity, the higher the range of the scooter. In normal conditions, each 10 to 20 Watt-hours of energy can usually power your commuter for a 1 km. So, if you want to ride for longer, it is best to charge your battery fully. 

How Does an Electric Scooter Motor Work?

Modern electric scooters have one or two motors integrated into the wheels. Wires connect the motors to the battery, which provides direct current (DC) that powers them. The motor converts the electric current to torque, which in turn, causes the wheels to start spinning.

The motor is responsible for the movement and speed of the ride. On average, most modern micromobility rides have a power output of 200 to 600 W. More powerful scooters can have 2x the power of that, like Äike T with its 1000W maximum motor output

If a scooter is not powerful enough, it may not be able to climb hills or move at a high speed. This is also the case with low battery charge level, which limits the power measurably. This only happens with very low battery levels, yet driving slower with not so empty battery, could extend the range quite a bit. 

How Do Electric Scooter Controllers Work?

Just as the name implies, the controllers are the memory and controlling system of your scooter. They receive and transmit data between the vital parts of the machine, enabling them to work optimally.

Just like a computer’s motherboard, the controller is the brain of the vehicle. It gets information from the throttle and batteries to determine how much power the motor will release. It also controls the brakes and can apply them to regulate the speed of the device.

The controller gathers all the important data and displays them on the screen on the handlebar to enable you to take total control of the ride.

How Do Electric Scooter Brakes Work?

The brakes are the most important safety component of your device. They work in different ways depending on the type of brake. They come with either of three types of brakes, namely:

  • Foot brakes
  • Mechanical brakes
  • Electric brakes

Foot brakes are the most basic types. You’ll find them attached to the rare fender. To engage them, you have to press with your foot to create friction against the wheels. Doing this reduces the speed and halts movement. 

Mechanical brakes usually use drum or disc brakes. They are controlled by a lever attached to the handlebar. When you squeeze the lever, either wire or hydraulic brake line transfers the energy to the brake caliper which  presses the caliper against the brake (either drum or discbrake) to reduce speed or stop the ride. 

Electric brakes work like electrical generator- it harnesses movement to produce energy and brakes the system at the same time. This works by cutting the power supply to the motor and letting the motor spin while connected to a battery. Braking with electric regenerative brakes charges the battery momentarily. 

Äike T has a combination of regenerative electrical brakes and mechanical drum brakes. With this combination, you’re sure of high sensitivity and top-notch safety.

How Do Electric Scooter Wheels Work?

Your ride has either of two kinds of wheels, solid or pneumatic wheels. The solid wheels are often bumpy and shaky, so most of the newer models don’t use these kind of tires.

Pneumatic tires filled with air which dampens vibrations and makes for a smoother and more convenient to ride. Pneumatic tires very rarely get puncutured or go flat altough they do need to be inspected from time to time. That means that with quality pneumatic tires you don’t even need a suspension, which could brake and needs to be regularly brought in for maintenance.

How Do Electric Scooter Suspensions Work?

Suspension works as a vibration and shock absorbers. It makes for a less jerky ride and smoother feel of the vehicle. There are two types of suspensions: spring suspensions and hydraulic suspensions. When driving on rough terrain, the suspension absorbs harsh landings from little jumps and smoothens vibrations made by uneven road surface. 

Suspension seems like an amazing feature until we take into consideration how much maintenance does it take to keep it working for extended periods of time. For a regular commuter, this could mean regular check-ups as often as every month.

How Does An Electric Scooter Deck Work?

The deck is the flat space where the rider stands. The best brands of micromobility rides come with a wide deck to ensure balance and comfort. Äike T, for instance, has a 200 mm wide deck. Which for reference is far more than average deck width. This provides enough room for the legs to relax during the ride.

How the Parts of An Electric Scooter Work Together

As stated earlier, the parts of a commuter device communicate in a coordinated manner for it to work. The communication starts from the power switch and throttle and terminates at the brakes.

Brake lever, for example, also has a built-in sensor. When squeezing the brake lever, the mechanical brake is regulated but also a signal is sent to the motor controller which cuts the power from the motor and controls the electrical regenerative braking. All of this working together makes for a seamless riding experience with just the perfect brake feel and no jerking or squeaking.

Conclusion: How to Choose a Scooter with the Best Functionality

Now that we’ve answered the question “how does an electric scooter work?” it is necessary to know how to choose a brand with the best functionality. You need a product with a powerful battery, high-capacity battery, powerful motor, and a double-braking system. Äike T has all these functionalities but for Äike, those technical requirements are just the beginning.

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