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Guide: How to Choose an E-Scooter Helmet

Riding an electric scooter is so fun that you could get carried away and throw caution to the wind. Scooters however, like bicycles, carry risk for severe falls. This is why it’s important to wear an e-scooter helmet, to ensure your safety whenever you ride your e-scooter. 

Electric scooters are generally eco-friendly, and governments are pushing for their adoption. By choosing it over combustible cars,you’re part of a solution against pollution, but it is only wise that you also prioritize your safety by covering your head with a helmet. This article presents a simple guide on choosing a helmet for your e-scooter.


Do I Need to Wear a Helmet When Riding an E-Scooter?

If you look around you, you see many people riding their scooters without a helmet. Well, this is not surprising because everyone knows that using seat belts saves lives, yet we see many people driving around town without wearing a seatbelt. Indeed, many of these people who ride e-scooters without a helmet have never had a head injury while going on this carefree ride, but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. So yes, you need to wear a helmet when riding an e-scooter. 

Unlike cars that have a confined compartment, scooters are open and unprotected.  So if you ever get into an accident, chances are high that you may hit your head and have a head trauma. Moreso, studies have shown that there’s a higher risk of getting injured in a fall than in a car crash. 

Experts also found that wearing a helmet reduces a cyclists’ risk of having a head injury by 51%. Hence, since electric scooters are similar to bikes, this safety level is also applicable to people who wear helmets when riding an e-scooter.


Which Types of Helmets Are Suitable for an E-Scooter?

The appropriate e-scooter helmets are the ones that adequately cover the head and are appropriately padded to take the impact of a fall. Unfortunately, there are no helmets made exclusively for e-scooters. So, your best bet are bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, skate helmets, full face helmets and other kinds of helmets that provide adequate protection. 

Bike Helmets

These helmets have a soft inner padding and hard outer shell. The outer case is made of hard plastic, carbon fiber or fiberglass. The inner lining comprises two layers- an outward hard form and an inner soft layer. 

When an accident happens, the outer core of this helmet takes the force of the fall and spreads it across the entire outer surface area, while the soft inner layer cushions the skull, absorbing the impact of the fall.  

While bike helmets are suitable for riding scooters, the downside is that it leaves the jaw and other parts of the face unprotected.

Skate Helmets 

Like bike helmets, skate helmets do not protect the entire face, but can serve as an e-scooter helmet. Most of them contain softer foam than the bike helmet, so they don’t handle the impact of a fall as well as bike helmets do. Skate helmets are not designed to withstand high-impact hits. Instead, they are ideal for the low-impact hits that come with skating. 

That notwithstanding, the outer shell is hard enough to spread the force of a fall across to provide a reasonable amount of protection. Additionally, skate helmets tend to offer better protection for the neck and face than bike helmets do, as they’re designed to take falls from different angles. So if you merely travel at low speeds, this might be your option.

Downhill Helmets 

Downhill helmets are also an ideal e-scooter helmet for adults. They’re the best helmets for riding fast electric scooters like the Äike scooters, which can run at a speed of up to 20 km/hr. These helmets are designed to take a higher force than the other two helmets we’ve discussed above. 

Downhill helmets are lightweight and designed with a breathable mesh that allows for good ventilation. They come in two types – the type that only protects the head, and the full-face option, which also protects the jaw and face. 

Full Face Helmets

If you’re looking for an e-scooter helmet that provides excellent protection against head injury, then you should buy a full-face helmet. As the name implies, these helmets have a protective covering for the entire face, including the jaw and neck. Full-face helmets provide better protection than other electric scooter helmets, so we recommend buying one to ensure optimal safety.


How to Choose Your E-Scooter Helmet?

When choosing an electric scooter helmet, there are some criteria you must consider. They include:

  • Certifications,
  • weight and size,
  • ventilation,
  • protection.
E-scooter Helmet Certification 

Helmets must have at least one certification that makes them roadworthy. These certifications prove that the helmet has been tested and confirmed safe for users. Bicycle helmets in Europe must at least have the EN1078 certification or any higher certification before you may use them. 

Weight and Size 

Before you buy an e-scooter helmet, measure your head and ensure that you buy your perfect size. You don’t want to wear a wobbly helmet that doesn’t fit. Size also matters, so you should always look out for lightweight helmets. 


Although the primary function of a helmet is to protect the head, comfort is also essential. You’d feel uncomfortable if your helmet makes you sweat, so you need to buy helmets with air mesh and vents for proper ventilation. 


Of course, the primary reason for buying a helmet is to protect your head. So you must ensure that the helmet you buy is appropriately padded to take the pressure and impact of a fall. If you ride your e-scooter at high speed, then you should buy a full-face helmet. That way, you can rest assured that your risk of having a head injury during an accident is minimal.

Äike: Safe E-Scooter for Your Commuting Needs

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