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Electric Scooter: How Fast Can it Go?

Speeding is a thrilling lifestyle for many bikers and sports car lovers. This exciting adventure has also become a trend for people who drive other kinds of vehicles, but when it comes to electric scooters, how fast can they really go? 

Scooters are not built to give out the same power output as cars and motorbikes, but some brands and models can speed so rapidly that you’d wonder if it’s really a scooter engine that’s performing such magic. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the fastest electric scooters, and try to answer the question “how fast does an electric scooter go?” We’ll also discuss the factors that affect electric scooter speed and draw a balance between speed and safety. 

How Fast Are Electric Scooters on Average?

The internal components of an electric scooter determine how fast it goes. This varies from brand to brand, and even within the same brands, the speed limit varies across models. 

It may be challenging to put an exact figure as the average speed of electric scooters, considering that heavy-duty and off-road scooters are typically faster than regular scooters. However, the average speed of regular adult scooters ranges between 15 mph (ca. 24 km/h) to 30 mph (ca. 48 km/h), while that of off-road and heavy-duty models goes way beyond that.

Electric Scooter: How Fast It Can Go, Depends on These Influential Factors

As earlier stated, the internal components of your micromobility device determine how speedily it can move, but beyond that, other external factors such as the rider’s weight and the nature of the road also play crucial roles as explained below:

Rider’s Weight

A rider who weighs 55 kg and one who weighs 85 kg do not exert the same amount of pressure on the vehicle. Typically, the device will move faster when carrying a 55 kg rider than it would when carrying a heavier passenger. 

Just as is obtainable in cars and motorcycles, as a rule of thumb, the heavier the load on the vehicle, the more power it requires to move forward. This ultimately results in reduced speed and range.

Battery Capacity

Most new models come with eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. These power packs also determine the extent of acceleration the electric scooter can reach. It’s a no-brainer that a device with a strong battery capacity will move faster than one with a low-capacity battery because these vehicles consume more power at high speed. 

Conversely, electric scooters move quicker when their battery is new, fully charged, and working at its optimal capacity. Their speed reduces when the battery goes low, and it gets even slower when it becomes old, worn out, and unable to perform as it used to. 

To conserve your battery health, some recommend that you stop charging your battery once it gets to 80%, and don’t allow it to drain beyond 40% before you recharge. This way, your battery will stay healthier for longer.


Among every other factor, the motor of an electric scooter is the main component that determines how fast it goes. Generally, lower-end models have small motors. Hence, they move quite slowly. The regular mid-range models have moderate or even dual motors that allow them to speed impressively, while the fastest models have really powerful motors that enable them to zap around quickly.


You’ll get the best electric scooter speed when your device has a wider and bigger tire. This is because electronic scooters with bigger wheels mean greater distance and speed. Furthermore, such tires provide more traction with the ground, thus helping the vehicle to move at a higher speed. Also, they can navigate through potholes and bumps with more ease than slimmer tires.

Furthermore, bigger tires provide more stability than the smaller ones. This makes it easier for the rider to balance the device and accelerate as they desire.


No matter the kind of vehicle you’re driving, the nature of the road determines how fast you can move. If the road is smooth, you can drive faster, but if it’s full of potholes and bumps, it’s only appropriate to slow down. 

Moreover, your micromobility device will move quicker on a plain road or while descending a hill, than it would when climbing a hill or incline.

How Fast Can the Fastest Electric Scooter Go?

The fastest electric scooters can go as speedily as 80 mph (ca. 129 km/h) to 100 mph (ca. 161 km/h). Some others can reach as far as 68.5 mph (ca. 110 km/h) and even higher. Some of them are listed in the table below.

What Are the Best Fast E-scooters on the Market?

Some of the fastest electric scooters in the market include:

Brand and Model Top Speed
Dualtron X2 Up 68.5 mph (ca. 110 km/h) *In dual motor mode 
Zero 11X 59 mph (ca. 95 km/h) 
Dualped Spitfire 50 mph (ca. 80 km/h) 
Outstorm Maxx Pro Plus 62 mph (ca. 100 km/h) 
Nanrobot RS6 50 mph (ca. 80 km/h) 

Is It Possible to Have a Fast and Safe Ride?

It is not impossible to have a fast and safe ride, but it could be extremely risky, and accidents could get fatal. Unlike cars, your micromobility device does not come with a seat belt to keep you strapped and safe if an accident happens, so it is best to drive at safe limits. Furthermore, it’s easier to handle bumps and potholes when you’re driving within safe limits. 

What Should I Consider When Buying a Fast E-scooter?

Before buying an electric scooter for how fast it can go, it is necessary to consider the local laws in your city. Most cities have a speed limit that your device must not exceed. So, it may be counterproductive to buy a device with a top speed of 100 km/h when the laws of your city limit your speed to only 25 km/h.

Aside from that, if you must buy a superfast ride, ensure that the brakes are strong and sensitive enough and that you also wear protective gear at all time. 

Speed and Safety — Get Both With an Äike Scooter

The level of fun you get from your electric scooter depends on how fast it can go, but while speed is thrilling, safety is more important. This is why you need to buy a ride that gives you both.

The Äike T has a top speed of 15.5 mph (ca. 25 km/h), which is fast enough to give you the thrill you desire, and its two-fold braking system has a short braking distance that ensures your safety is a top priority. You don’t have to spend exorbitant money buying high-speed commuters that you won’t be able to enjoy in the streets of your city. Hence, Äike is the best option to give you all the fun you desire.